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    x5 80's/73 Druid - Hellscream - (EU) - [Dk/Warr/Mage/Lock/Priest] 6.4k gs

    Hey, basically i have a new job and will not have time to commit to the game when cata hits. I have had this account since it was opened and have all cd's and codes and any info required regarding the account. The chars on this account are a mix of pve and pvp chars, all have sufficient gear for both combat types.

    I have put alot of hard work into it if im being honest and am the original owner of the account, there is 35k gold which is all my own work, some rare pets/tabards/mounts on the account eg: Engi Roflcopter.

    My main is my Deathknight, he has hc Bryn'troll and is mainly 264/277 with 6400 gs. The DK also has 1600 justice points and 4000 of the new honor currency.

    The account is currently active as i have literally just done it a few days ago for a month, for a mess around, but with work busy for xmas and the new patch i cant really get back into it.

    Nameless char links below.

    Death Knight







    DK - Jc/Ench 450
    Priest - Engi/Mining 450
    Mage - Herb/Alch 450

    Other two need profs, I was going to spend the money on powerlevelling them up but i was waiting on info regarding cata profession changes before delving in and spending a fortune.

    Other info:-

    Dk has high rep on the server, I have personally been at 2350 in the previous 2v2 season and has sufficient pvp gear.

    All chars have a minimum of 500 Justice points and a large amount of honor.

    I have around 5 heirloom pieces, so if you wanted to level another char with the reduced xp requirements then thats beneficial.

    I live in Leeds, uk. And would prefer to do the transfer personally rather than be scammed via paypal. But arrangements can be made if i trust the buyer.

    Thats my basic infomation, if you require anything else just post on here and il get back asap.

    Im looking for around £265.


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