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    WoW US account with 4-80s including Shadowmourne Warrior and many 70+ alts

    Up for sale in my US WoW account. I am the original owner of this account.

    The warrior has full pve(all 264 and 277 epics, except for bracers because of recent nerf to leather for warriors). He also has a full pvp set, including 4pc Wrathful and the 264 Wrathful 2h-Mace. In PVP gear he has up to 1300 resilience, depending on which trinket you use.
    - Hand of A'dal Title (no longer available)
    - Kingslayer
    - Grand War Mammoth Mount, kara mount, netherwing drake.
    - Off-hand Warglaive of Azzinoth
    - Maxed Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing

    The level 80 priest was a duelist in Season 5 and has full furious pvp gear and some random pve pieces. Can still pvp effectively and has over 1k resilience.
    -Maxed JC and 420+ engineering

    The level 80 mage has a full pvp set with a mix of relentless and wrathful gear. Not much pve gear, but pve gear is easy to get.
    -400+ tailoring and engineering

    The Level 80 druid has full resto pvp gear, wrathful 264 weapon and some offset pieces, mostly just deadly mainset pieces, but i'm still playing this character so it will probably have full wrathful within 2 weeks.

    This account is paid Until January. A person buying the account needs to merge the wow account onto a new account. Google my username and email(Maddawg514, [email protected]) and you'll see my history on the internet and no mention of any type of scamming, and will probably find some positive feedback for me.

    Asking price, which is negotiable is $599USD. Payment through paypal. If you have any questions about the account, the characters, their armory links, or anything, PM me or respond here and i'll respond quickly!

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