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    Selling WoW Account: 80 Warrior 80 Mage

    Hey, i've been a pretty average WoW player for the past few years, but recently I decided to cash in and sell my account off.
    This is a very brief description of the account, if I get any actual interest ill give some more information.
    The account is from the very start of TBC with two level 80's, a 74 warlock, and a level 50 rogue, numerous other alts hovering between 20-40.

    The warrior has 4500 achievement points and the 1750 2v2s achievement.
    Deathbringer's Will along with Shadow's Edge/Normal Bryntroll and approx 5000g, about 5.8k gearscore in Fury PvE gear and 6k in PvP gear.
    The warrior's PvP gear is either the full wrathful offset along with the Castle Breaker's Battleplate (95 Frost Emblems) and (3/4) piece relentless. (1/4) piece wrathful mainset.
    PvE gear is ranging from T10-T9 with mostly ICC10/25 6 bosses or less loot, good enough to get into a solid raiding guild right off the bat, all gear is correctly gemmed and enchanted.
    In PvE gear my warrior stands at approximately 75% passive ArP from gear.
    37k Lifetime Honorable Kills.
    3k Unspent Arena Points.
    Shadowmourne questline on the gathering souls part, currently around 300~/1000.

    My mage is a little less developed, having been inactive since S8 was released.
    Full furious PvP gear with the relentless offset, mostly Ilvl 232 gear with some 245, 1550 2v2 achievement and approx 3000 achievement points.
    300 unspent arena points.
    19,000 lifetime honorable kills.

    Forgot to mention.
    Warrior is a Tauren Male.
    Mage is an Undead Male.
    Warlock is a Human Male.
    Rogue is an Undead Male.

    If I get any interest please post it here or send me a PM.
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