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    US 3 80's, Priest, Shammy, and Warr

    I'm looking to sell my WoW account. The reason is I'm going to be buying a new one and no longer need nor want this account. I will give the wow armorys over msn/aim upon request. These stats are about a week or two old so they are slightly better now. This is TWO WoW accounts on ONE b-net account. Warr and shammy are on one account and priest is on the other. Warr/Shamm are on diff realms. Priest is on same realm as Warr. About 6000 gold on the 2 accounts. 4.5k on the shammy and warr has an epic BoE from ICC which sells pretty good.

    Troll Warrior
    5.7k gs (Fury MS)
    1224 Armor Pen
    4997 AP with Battle Shout
    450 skinning, 442 LW
    Dual specced
    5.1k gs (Prot OS)
    Has some pvp gear-810 resil
    10/12 icc 10
    Normal Flying
    ALOT of other gear for OS and pvp

    Tauren Shaman
    5.8k gs (Resto)
    2932 SP self-buffed
    927 Haste Rating
    450 JC, 439 Tailor
    Dual specced
    15/17 Pieces of Enhance gear
    Epic Flying

    Blood Elf Priest
    5.4k gs (Shadow)
    2907 SP self-buffed
    450 Mining, 380 Enchanting
    Dual Specced
    A few pieces for Holy OS
    Epic Flying

    Asking price is $200 for the account.
    Aim: jahrewswanson456
    msn: [email protected]

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