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    Customized Linked Text, including achievements, spells and more.

    In just about every private server I join, I link something like ANAL [STOP OR BE BANNED] (in a link from an item) in global chat. I get around 3-5 whispers on how did I do that. I searched this forum and I couldn't find a tutorial on it.

    So that is why I'm posting it here today, and I will probably regret it later on.

    There are two possible ways to do this, the easiest is using Cheat Engine. This however, is very unstable and results aren't guaranteed to work, and may crash the client or simply give you an error.

    This is the price you have to pay for being easy.

    You need to pass tutorial 2 on cheat engine to do this:

    Start Cheat Engine and mount it to World of Warcraft, do a search on a desired item, specifically a tooltip color.

    For me I'm going to search shadowmourne, but before I do anything I have to link it in game first. But how do I do this? Simply go to and search shadowmourne. On that web-page, there will be a link button. Click that button, and copy and paste the script to your World of Warcraft chat.

    Whatever you linked, is now in World of Warcraft's cache and the client.
    I Linked Shadowmourne, because it is a legendary, for orange text.

    Now, open Cheat Engine; mount it to World of Warcraft... change the search type to "TEXT" and then search "YOUR ITEM". (Remember, I previously stated I was goign to search Shadowmourne, so my "YOUR ITEM" is "Shadowmourne" {without quotes} )

    You will see many addresses, so now log out... and back in. Once logged back in, simply hit next scan... and it will reduce the amount of addresses. Click the address window, and select everything (control+a) and then click the red arrow that is pointing diagonally

    This part is annoying, and likely to cause your WoW Client to crash, but this must be done for Achievements, and spells. You cannot cache edit achievements, I think.

    All of the addresses are in the list, you have to click on each one and enter in an individual Text, in this case...

    You knew it was coming....

    After you have replaced every single address with your customized word... and hopefully no crashes.

    You simply enter in the shadowmourne script (or whatever item you linked... including achievements) into the wow client again.

    TA-DA, you may now shift+click the link and it will automatically change into your desired word.

    THIS IS NOT CLIENT-SIDED. Everyone will see the word as you linked, but when clicked it will show the actual link.
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    Haha. You're on Crusadegaming. xD
    Well, it's already dirty enough over there anyways.


    PS: 6 Rep, 6 Posts and (6)00 cash. AHHHH!!!!! Vinland, where are you!?

    Dragon[Sky] can get into our signatures, AND our pants.

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