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    WTT 6020gs Ret Pally (shadows edge) + 6000gs dk dps. INSANE!!! AMAZING ACCOUNT

    Hey guys, so basically I have a INSANE account which I want to trade. This will be my final trade and as a result I'm trading my personal account. I am not the OO of this account but I have regular contact with the OO in rl. I can provide the CD keys, ID scans, and anything else which may be of use and I expect you to do the same.

    So essentially the account is broken down into two parts. The ret pally and the dk.

    1) Ret-Pally

    *6020 gs- 4/5 T10.5, 277 off pieces, has 264 weapon SHADOWS EDGE
    *5600 gs healing and a 5300gs tanking set.
    *has the rare KINGSLAYER title as well as many others.
    * if you play for a month, you can have shadowmourne.

    2) Deathknight.

    * 5950gs, 3/5 T10.5, mostly 264 and 277 off peices.
    * has a 5400gs tank set as well as his dps set.
    *pulls 11k dps in ICC 25 or ICC 10 (heroic)
    *has some pretty nice mounts and pvp gear. 1/5 wrathful and 4/5 relentless.

    What I want to trade for:
    1) MUST have 6k gs or over, im not looking to downgrade.
    2) Im pretty flexible on what type of class you offer me but....
    I am mainly looking for killer hunters and awesome rogues, but ill look at any offer.
    NO pallys of any type.

    As I stated above, this will be my last trade. The idea character for me would be a 6.2k hunter or a equally geared rogue. I dont care if your gs is 5999, dont post unless your character is 6k+

    My AIM is ashokarao95, my email is [email protected], and please dont hesitate to as any questions.

    Please post down below or AIM me for further information. IF YOU POST WITHOUT YOUR AIM I WILL NOT CONTACT YOU.

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