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    WoW Account for Runescape Account MUST READ!!!

    Hello. This post is regarding a Trade for a Runescape Level 125+ Account, for a World of Warcraft Account. I have been playing both games World of Warcraft and Runescape for a very long time and I just keep getting tired of switching back and forth because I have no fun at either with the things that I have because they get old. Now, I have decided to play Runescape but would like a high Level Account rather then having my Level 101 that sucks with luck and combat skills. I have a World of Warcraft Account that I will be trading for a Runescape Level 125+ Account.

    The World of Warcraft Account that I will be trading holds the following :

    Main Character > Level 80 Female Blood Elf Rogue
    Realm: US (Illidan) Top US Realm in the World Progression and Horde PvP Wise.
    Status of the Account: Just added a 90 Day Prepaid Time Card.

    (RARE) Mounts: Twilight Drake (25 OS 3Drake ZERG, beating 25 other players in a Roll to Win Mount), Celestial Steed (New Released Mount from Blizz $25.00),
    Swift Razzashi Raptor (Zul'Gurub, Xtremely Rare Mount) Blue Qiraji BattleTank (Obtained from AQ40 Trash Mobs/Bosses) X-53 Touring Rocket (***NEW*** Recruit a Friend Mount,
    2 Passenger Mount with 310% Speed ONLY if you have another Mount that is origionally 310% Speed, otherwise 280%).

    (OTHER) Mounts: Swift Brewfest Ram, Black War Raptor, Blue Hawkstrider, Black, Red, Purple, Swift Green Hawkstrider, Pink, Purple.
    Flyers Normal and Epic: Blue Windrider, Bronze Drake, Green Windrider, (Clestial Steed also performs as a Flyer), Swift Greenwindrider,
    Swift Yellow, Tawny Windrider, Swift Purple, Swift Red.

    (RARE) Companions: Baby Blizzard Bear (Blizzard Anniversery), Cobra Hatchling (Oracles Egg Hatch 7 Days Wait), Lil' XT (New Released Pet from Blizz $15.00),
    Mr. Chilly, Ony Whelpling (Blizz Anniversery), Sinister Squashling, Spirit of Competition (Battleground Rare Reward, also have a Tabard with it called "Competitors Tabard").

    Spec: 52/14/5 Combat. Current Gear, Shadowblade Helmet, Precious's Putrid Collar, Shoulderpads of the Snow Bandit, Shawl of Nerubian Silk, Chestguard of the Frigid Noose, Bracers of Swift Death,
    Bloodvenom Blade, Bone Warden's Splitter, Gluth's Fetching Knife, Sanctified ShadowBlade Gaunlets, Soultheif's Braided Belt, Garona's Legplates of Triumph, Frostbitten Fur Boots, Saurfang's Cold-Forged Band,
    Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance, Whispering Fanged Skull, Herkuml WarToken. I pull about 10k DPS in Raids with this Spec and Current Gear that I have, also on this Character at the moment I hold, 36 Emblem of Frosts,
    153 Arena Points, 82 Badges of Justice, 20 Champions Seals, 134 Stone Keepers Shards, 11 Wintergrasp Mark of Honors and 10 Venture Coins, and 1700 Gold.

    Titles: Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Jenkins, Twilight Vanquisher, Of the Ashen Verdict, Of the Nightfall, The Patient. Most of these are very Rare now a days.

    That is my Main Character, and I have gone into as much detail as I could about the Character. I hope I didn't bore anyone to death, as Im sure you could proably imagine this is worth far more then a
    Level 125+ Runescape Account if you were to sell this online but I do not trust other sites and would like to trade with someone this Account. I also have about 3 other Characters other than this Main Character of mine
    of this Account which include a naked (Yes, Naked, lol I gave up on these chars) 80 Human Paladin and 67 Night Elf Hunter, the Pally is a Male and the Hunter is a Female, they are on Realm Blade's Edge. Lastly, I have a
    80 Night Elf Female Druid, which is NOT naked. On this Character I hold many things that I do on my Main that are rare but I will only name a few as, "Hand of A'dal" "Champion of the Naaru" Titles, which cannot be obtained
    anymore, I have also completed the Druid Chain and have 280% Bird Speed. I have many mounts like Swift Hawkstrider from Level 70 Instance and Phoenix Hatchling, I have also Raven Lord Anzu Mount and others. This Character
    is also very well geared and Main Spec is Resto/Boomkin.

    I am just tired now of this Account and would love to have a Level 125+ Runescape Account, I hope that you can find in your heart that I am being LEGIT about this deal and its a really great deal.

    Please NOTE: Runescape Account must be Level 125+
    Does have to have Membership Credit.
    Does have to have any MONEY.
    MUST give Recovery Answers.
    MUST give Bank Pin.
    Account holder MUST delete friends from list before trading Account with me.
    MUST be LEGIT about this Deal Please.

    Thanks alot, my contact info is [email protected]. Please feel FREE to Message me with any questions or if you want to take me up on the deal.

    Thanks again =)

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