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    HowTO: Update Your Server Repack


    1. Repack
    2. Core
    3. Database
    4. Links


    Repacks are, for us, World of Warcraft Emulation Server Suites, made and created for us "the community" to easily start a server without the "hassle" of compiling the core itself and aquiring the database. Repack's also have some other extra things in it as well, websites, applications, custom content, etc.


    The "core" is what you use to start your server, and when your using a repack the core tends to get outdated, buggy, and just unstable for the next patches to come. To update your core follow a compilation guide on how to compile the specific core that your repack is using, MaNGos, TrinityCore2, ArcEmu, ApexEmu, etc. There will be links on how to do this at the end of my guide.


    The Database or World, is what the "Core" uses to simulate the world of warcraft world, it spawn's npc's, creatures, objects, instances, zones, trainers, quests, etc. It is very important to get the latest updates for your server or repack so that you are more update-to date with the latest changes.

    You can update your database by going to whatever the repacker's database they used website, and checking out there changesets and then adding them/executing them into your database.


    MaNGos Compile Guide-

    AscentNG/ArcEmu/ApexEmu/etc (Obviously your going to switch the SVN with the emulator that your using's SVN)-

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