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    Alliance Level 1-40 Grind Guide

    Grind Level 1-40 FAST (Alliance)

    This is the basis for small sections of a couple of guides to come. Rather than make you view it a couple times I’ll post the 1-40 Leveling guide here. Using this strategy you can easily grind out 40 in 4-5 days of playtime!

    IMPORTANT TIP: DO NOT spend too much time in a party unless you are on an instance or elite quest. The general rule of thumb is, if you’ve tried the quest 1 or 2 times already it is ok to group on the third try. Remember, we’re trying to grind levels. Giving away 50-75% of your XP is NOT the way to do that!

    Grinding Level 1-10
    Just spend time in the starting region for your character (ie. Elywnn Forrest). As you take the quests you’ll be lead to creatures around your level that you can easily use to grind levels in your first few hours of play. Do all the starting region quests. If you are not level 10 about the time you are taking on quests that lead you to level 8 guys then just stop and grind out level 7-9 guys until you reach 10.

    Grinding Level 10-18
    Now you’re going to head to Wesfall. Again do all the quests and grind out all the way. Complete all the Westfall quests, spending adequate time grinding out the various creatures in the area. A good rule of thumb is to grind a region until the beasts become green. Then move on. Remember, this is a grinding guide, not a uber-fun-times guide. We’re working on FAST and efficient leveling!

    Grinding Level 18 -20
    Now what you do is hop to the Redridge Mountains. In this area just focus on quests for a little bit. Once in the there do a few more quests, kill some blackrocks, do a little jig and you should be 20 in no time flat! You could also head to the Wetlands if you wanted a change of pace. Basically at this point you’re just going to quest it up though.

    Grinding Level 20-25
    For these levels head to Duskwood. Take some quests if you get bored, but mostly grind it out in the Darkened Bank. Start with Starving Dire Wolves (19-20) and Rabid Dire Wolves (20-21), killing any Venom Web Spiders (18-19) that get in your way. Move on to the Green Recluse (21-22) when you’re at 22-23. By the time you’re 23-24 hit the Black Widow Hatchlings (24-25) as you find them.

    IMPORTANT TIP: Remember, when you are grinding you want to keep your targets on the low-end of the yellow spectrum. You want to maximize your XP. Fast kills for higher XP that you can move on to your next kill ASAP is key!

    Grinding Level 25-30
    For these levels first go and pick up the Duskwood Quests. Eventually they’ll take you to Raven Hill. Here you’ll want to grind Skeletal Fiends (24-25), Flesh Eaters (24-25), and Rotted Ones (25-26) until you’re around 27. One you have level 27 you can shift focus to Bone Chewers (26-27), Skeletal Raiders (27-2, and Recluses (25-26).

    Grinding Level 30-35
    Now head to the Alterac Mountains, feel free to take some elite quests along the way if grinding is wearing on you but remember, again, this is a grinding guide. Here you want to take out some Dalaran Turtles for the next 5 levels. Maximize XP, maximize XP, maximize XP.

    Grinding Level 35-40
    Now we’re going to do some Theramore Turtle grinding until you’re level 40! Maximize XP, maximize XP, maximize XP. Take quests if you need to or are bored, but the main key is just maximizing your XP.

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    Interesting though I would like to see more detailed info. If you go to under guides you got a guide by my friend Cthulu (troll rogue) on grind spots for 35++ . They tend to work well though some vary depending on class.

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