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    Heroes Of Newerth

    Heroes Of Newerth is a fully Dota based game. Currently the game is still a closed beta, with invites needed.
    The game itself is pretty simple, Two teams fighting each other with one single goal: Destroy the opposite faction.
    The game is very noob friendly, as you pretty much start the game, join a server, then kill each other.

    Game: Heroes Of Newerth
    Genre: Real Time Strategy (RTS)
    Developer: S2 Games

    The graphics of this game is awesome, it's far more detailed then the warcraft engine and to be honest i think it's as good as the red alert 3 engine if not better!
    The water got reflection, there is actually grass on the ground instead of the boring same texture, trees and rocks is casting shadows and with every setting on max, there won't be any pixelated lines!

    There is some minor problems with the this high amount of eye candy, you need a computer with some power.
    And old dusty pc with voodoo card from 1990 isn't enough, and won't even be able to clear the menu.
    And laggy gameplay will for sure ruin the epic journey you are about to start!

    Spells, effects and explosions is way better then any RTS based games i have seen so far, is more then 10 times better then what you get from the low detailed stuff from warcraft. So if you love huge amount of eye candy, got a power pc or just a pc with some gut's in it, i am sure you will love this!

    The music in the game is good, and fits the game like a charm. The comments from the heroes when clicked goes along very very well, so does the funny comments you get when yo spam click the hero way to much..
    But as in most RTS games it's gets very very annoying after a few hours of epic clicking...
    When you hear the "Yes master" and "Finally! Fresh meat!" all the time, it WILL make you go nuts, trust me.
    I recommend to turn off the sounds if that is the case..

    There is two factions you can choose to play as:
    Hellbourne: Which most people will call the "evil" faction.
    Legion: Which people think is the "good guys".
    Both factions have a big amount of heroes to pick from. (More to come as the game is still a beta.)
    From agility based, intelligence based to strength based heroes. (A lot of them is still not balanced.)

    A very awesome new option is that you can manage the game configurations before you start the game. So no need to rush and type a lot of commands which half of the players who play dota don't even know anyways!

    Another new very awesome thing is that you can change map! (Fack yeah!)
    So you don't need to play the same level over and over again..
    So far there is only two maps, i hope there will be a bigger amount to choose from when the final result is released.

    You are able to set the rank of the server, so if you are a newbie, you won't play can flip this setting on and only low stats like yours will join!

    The item shop and recipes has got a major boost as well, instead of you running around, finding all the items you need for a single weapon or item, you are able to just press the item.. That will bring up a screen with all the ingredients you need, and then you just click and buy.. This made it way more easy for me to get good items, and it's very very fast!

    Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.0 GHz
    Memory: 2 GB
    Mac is pretty much the same.

    Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.0 GHz
    Memory: 2 GB
    PC is pretty much the same.

    I didn't really like dota on warcraft 3, i did play it but didn't really enjoy it.
    But this game is way more fun, even though it's based on the same. the graphic is pure eye candy, the audio is sweet music and the game play is journey which never ends.. There is some minor bugs and over powered heroes, but that will be fixed with the time.. So far this game is epic, and a most have! i am more then sure you will find this funny, and even more funny if you play it with friends.
    overall it's a great game!

    If i missed something feel free to PM me about it and i will add it.
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    It's against NDA to be posting screenshots like this. Might be unsafe for MMOwned?

    It's a great game though.

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    Nice review. Great Job!
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