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    PreSetup PBWoW

    Welcome to Cele's presetup PBWoW, one of the hardest themes to setup.

    Download Links:
    Download PBWoW zip

    Demo Site
    Your Server Name


    Installing Forum

    Now that you have downloaded the forum and extracted it, open the folder and find the sql file called db-file.sql
    Then execute the sql file into a database of your choice.
    In the forum folder find config.php open it and put in your information.
    Now open up the DB with whatever DB editor you use and open phpbb_config. Scroll through the ENTIRE table and put in your information.

    Setting up the Forum

    Now go to the forum and login with the information Administrator and password.
    Next go to the UCP and click the tab Users and Groups. Search for the account name Administrator and change the login name and password to whatever you want it to be.

    Other Skins

    PBWoW comes with other skins as well. Click on the tab Styles then you will see a list of installed and not installed forums, just click install to add them.
    To view any forum skin before installing just go to my demo site.

    Making Forums & Category's

    Ok so you want to make your forum have a picture?
    When making your new forum you will see:
    Forum image:
    Location, relative to the phpBB root directory, of an additional image to associate with this forum.

    In the text box to the right put:
    Obviously go the place above in your folder to view the different pictures.

    To make a menu like this.

    First make a category then make a forum and set the parent to the category. Menus under a category will NOT show a description.

    If you need any help post here and I will get back to you asap.

    Credits for the skin.
    Credits for the forum.
    phpBB • Creating Communities Worldwide
    Credits for setting everything up.
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    Nice man

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    I am getting an SQL error

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