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    Connect to a LAN Server/Website!

    Connecting to a Server or Website that is on your LAN? Not Working?
    Here's how!

    Well, set the realmlist to the host pc's Internal ip

    Go to realmlist and type: "set realmlist <Internal IP>"

    Also to view a website hosted by a local pc, in the address bar type "http://<Internal IP>"

    *<Internal IP> is the IP of the PC hosting the server/website on your LAN!

    To find out the Internal IP of the computer, logon to the host computer. Open Run, type "CMD", type "ipconfig".
    Look for a section called "Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection"
    and find something called "IPv4 Address" or "IP Address".
    That is the Internal IP!

    In General
    -Connect to your server using (coz its your own); and your website using http://localhost or the actual DyNDS Address.
    -Connect to a server on your LAN using the internal IP of that server; and the same for the website.
    -Connect to a server on the internet using the DyNDS address; and same for the website!

    Hope this helped anyone who had the same LAN problem as me, useful for GMing with people at your house!

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    Nice and noob guide

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