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    [EPIC] Setting up a private server from Start to Finish!

    I will list these in the order you should download them. As tempting as it might be, please only download them one at a time, and note: This is a Repack guide. I will not be mentioning anything about compiling as this is aimed at beginners. Thanks.
    AC Web - Downloads - AC Web Ultimate Repack 8.0 (Make sure you have NET 3.5 download as requested in the link)
    Navicat (Download) - the Most Popular MySQL Client for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (Make sure you download the MySQL lite version as it's free and does not expire)

    After Downloading

    Fistly open the AC Web U-Repack 8.0 and it will open up an installation path, by default it should be set C:/, let it extract there. I can't stress how important that is as it will not work unless it is extracted in the C:/ Drive/local drive.

    Once that is done install navicat, installation is pretty straight forward usually it installs in the program files directory, and it's totally fine to save it there. Just make sure you make a desktop shortcut to Navicat.

    After that; go into your C:/drive and open the AC Web U-Repack folder and you should have atleast 3 folders in there. "ArcEmu", "Server" and "Tools". Open the "tools" folder and copy and paste the "maps" folder and "ad.exe" into your World of Warcraft folder. Then double check to make sure both files are in the WoW folder and run the ad.exe. It will bring up a command screen and will just look like its loading. What it is doing is adding files into your "maps" folder. This will take some time so don't be alarmed if its still loading after 45 mins. I think it extracts around 620 Maps.

    Once thats done copy the now full "maps" folder and paste it into C:/AC Web U-Repack 8.0/Arcemu. That shouldn't take too long. No more than 2 minutes on an ancient computer.

    Starting the server up

    First thing you need to do now that your server is ready is to set your realmlist. To do this you need to go into your World of Warcraft folder, open up the data folder, then open EnGB (or EnX (whatever your local is)). In there will be a file called "realmlist". What you need to do is open it using Notepad and where it says, "set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com" change to "set realmlist" and save.

    Now go back into your AC Web U-Repack 8.0 folder. Go into the "Server" folder and run the MySQL.exe. Now my dear Vista users, what might happen is that MySQL will say it can't connect or give you some sort of error message. But don't close the MySQL, your firewall will pop up just click unblock and then close and restart the MySQL and it should run. Then go into your "Arcemu" folder and run the logonserver.exe. Once again Vista users, you might have a similar error to the one you got in MySQL and it is fixed exactly the same way. Once the logonserver is finished loading run the arcemuworld.exe. Alas Vista users once again you will have to unblock the program. If you don't get the option to unblock then go through the control panel to get to your firewall settings and click the "allow a program through the firewall" option. Browse manually to find the programs and then allow them and all problems should be solved.

    Run World of Warcraft, and log in with Username = admin, password = admin and there you go. you can play to your hearts content. However no one else can connect to your server. So you will need to make the server public so your friends can play with you.

    A good tutorial for making your server public (writen by Jargs and credits go to him, I just added this link) is Making your Ascent server public.(Please note that this for those of you who have a router. When it comes to port forwarding you will sometimes be asked for a password to access your router. 9 times out of 10 it tends to be username=admin, password=admin). If you do have any problems doing this then please post it on that thread, but feel free to post it here and I'll do my best to answer it. It really is straight forward once you do it for the first time.

    Database and Account Creation

    Remember Navicat? That's a database handler. Basically it holds all of your server information. You're free to change, add or remove anything you like. But untill you get familiar with the database tables I would try to limit too many changes.

    So first of all we need to connect to your server from navicat. You need to be running the MySQL.exe in order to do that. You can still have the logonserver and arcemuworld.exe running at the same time, all I'm saying is that you need MySQL, you can't connect to your database unless it's running.

    So now that MySQL is running, run navicat. Then click on the "Connection" tab. This should open a new window asking for 5 bits of information.
    "Connection Name" - This can be anything, call it what you like but keep it sensible, call it "Server" or just "Database", like I said it's not too important.
    "Host Name/IP" - This should automatically be set to; "Localhost", do not change it
    "Port" - This will be set to "3306". Once again do not change this
    "Username" - This will be set to "root". Do not change thisand finally
    "password" - That field will be blank, so change it to "ascent". That is the universal password and works for all AC-Web Repacks.
    Then press "Ok". Now that window will disappear and the first window you saw will be left.

    On the left hand side of the window will be a list. Get to know them, almost all things to do with custom items, object, NPC's, Mobs ect. Are modified through the option "Arcemu" in that pannel. If you double click "Arcemu" it will show you a list of tables learn your way around them and know what they mean. Most important is the "Items", "Creature_names", "Creature_Proto" and "Vendor" tables, but we will cover this later on.

    Now look back on the left in that pannel. You're looking for the "logon" option; double click it. That will bring up a new set of tables, different to the one's in "Arcemu". Look for the "accounts" table. Open it.

    Inside you will find the table that is set out like this

    acct, login, password, encrypted_password, gm, banned, lastlogin, lastip, email, flags, forceLanguage, muted, banreason
    Now I'll explain what each part of the table means and what you should 'normally' put there.

    "acct" - This is literally a running count of accounts. So the table should go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on going upward for each new account, you cannot set it to 'o' and cannot have the same number twice.
    "login" - This is basically the username of the account. Set this to whatever name you like.
    "password" - Self explanatory, the password for the account.
    "encrypted_password" - I, personally, have never used this so I would leave this blank.
    "gm" - Now this is the good stuff. It sets the GM rank of the account, 0 being a normal account, 1 having very limited GM powers like .summon and .appear, 2 having more GM powers obviously more powers than rank 1, 3 having again more Power and finally az, now this is an admin account, it has all GM powers plus all .server commands. While your developing your server I would give most GMs az or 3.
    "banned" - Just leave this blank. It shows if the account is banned.
    "lastlogon" - Self explanitary, the last time that account logged on to the account. just leave this blank.
    "lastip" - The last ip that this account was used from.
    "email" - Self Explanitary. The email of the account owner.
    "flags" - Okay this is to show whether the account is PreTBC/TBC/WotLK, set this to 24 for WotLK and I think 8 for TBC, but I'm not entirely sure on TBC. Either way most people are on WotLK now just do a little research on that one.
    "forceLanguage" - This isn't to important. My local is EnGB but my forceLanguge is EnUS and it's never made any difference to me.
    "muted" - Whether the account has been muted, just leave this at 0
    "banreason" - Just leave this one blank.
    That should clear up most questions on account creation for the moment. You can however set up a website with account creation but lets stick with the easier parts for the moment.
    Reply With Quote

    Adding All Sorts of Customs

    Okay so here we will be using Navicat and a website WoW Vendetta - Wage Your War | WoW-V.com. Wow-v.com is a great website that allows you to make almost everything with the exception of custom objects. So first thing you need to do is make an account with them. Don't worry it is free, although they do use a donation system. Please use a valid email address as they also use an email validation system. Now lets start with custom weapons.

    Once logged in you will see a menu bar. Click the "create weapons" tag. This is bring up a page that will let you modify practically everything. 3 things you will need to know here are;

    "entry ID" - This is the ID of the ingame spawn, say 60000. Make sure the entry ID is over 60000, I personally start at 70000. But Beware! Do not make the entry ID over 5 figures as it will not work.
    "Display ID" - This is the ID of the item you want it to look like. They use a 'Display Finder' to help you with this. Just open it up and type the name of the item you want it to look like and it will give you the display ID for it.
    The rest of the options are pretty straight forward. However, another warning is not to make your items with insane stats. People say this causes lag or can crash the server so no 2000000 dps 1 handed swords!

    Once you're done done making the stats etc. on your weapon the go to the bottom of the screen and hit submit. This will bring up some more options you want to download it and you're using Arcemu, so use that button. Make a folder called "items" or "weapons" or something and save it in there. Always remember where you saved it because now you need to put it into your database.

    So open Navicat and open the arcemu tables. Find the button that says query. That should open a blank page in the middle of Navicat. Just above the center of the page there will be an option called "New Query", click that. A new window should open. Now click the "load" button and find the item you just made. Open it and then the window will fill up with some pieces or information. Hit "Run" and it should says something like, 'SQL executed in 0.003s, rows effected 1'. Now shutdown your server, restart it, go in game and write ".char add *Item ID that you just created*" and it should be dropped in your inventory.

    All the other wow-v.com creations work in this way just have a play around until you get to grips with it.

    Once you master "Items", "Mob", and "Loot" SQL creations and executes, then we move on to the next task. LUA scripting mobs and items

    Lua is a wonderful thing, it can create amazing boss fights, make items buff you or teleport you, make teleporter or 'Global' NPC's. Just search for a guide I don't have time to write a guide.

    Hope it helped
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    Thanks, helpful information!

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