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    How to check if your ports are open!

    Tried to find a similar thread but couldnīt find any, so here it is!

    How to check if your ports forward successfully.

    1. Open the ports in your router, the ports should be:
    3724 - 3724
    80 - 80
    3306 - 3306
    8129 - 8129
    8093 - 8093
    6112 - 6112
    6881 - 6999
    3036 - 3036
    8050 - 8050

    If you donīt know how to do this step, then thereīs a lot of great guides around.

    2. Make sure that your firewall let these ports through. Make exceptions for every port or disable the firewall.

    3. Go to cmd, which can be reached from the start menu and then run.
    Type in this command "telnet-your internal ipadress-port"
    To get your internal, type in ipconfig in cmd and check for a number which begins with 192. often.
    For example.. "telnet 80" Thatīs for checking if port 80 is open(used for websites).
    if it forwards corretly move on, if not, make sure the port is opened correctly.

    4. Find out your public ip. Surf to IP Address properties of your Internet Connection --> <-- and copy the ip number.
    Ask a friend to do the same you just did with your internal ip but on his computer.
    For example.. "telnet ip adress) 80"
    if its forwarded, your port is open!

    If itīs any trouble at all, ask in this thread or pm me. Hope this uide could help some people, i know itīs simple. But not all people know this

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