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    [Ultimate Guide]2.4.3 Ascent Repack+MySQL included

    How to make a Private Server:

    You will need winrar to extract the repack: WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files
    Click the FIRST ONE: WinRAR 3.80
    Then install it.

    Hamachi: You will need this to let others online!
    hamachi.cc and find downloads. Look for your type of computer and install it. 3minutes tops.
    Click the POWER button to turn hamachi on. Click the triangle and create a network and a network password.
    After it's created, Give the information to others. One thing you will also need is the numbers on top of
    the program,Which is your hamachi IP. For example, it should say: That is just an example!

    Next you will need the REPACK:
    THIS REPACK IS 2.4.3!

    This repack is fully setup and ready to use.

    Download it from the link.

    It should take about 10minutes, NO LONGER than that.

    Repack Setup: Extract the repack to " Local Disk (C: ) or else it will not work!

    After you extract it. There should be 2 folders. "Theo's Repack" and "WoW Stuff"
    "WoW Stuff" can be deleted! You don't need it.

    OPEN Theo's Repack folder and Put the AC Web Ultimate Repack into the local disk (C: )
    You can put the "AC Web Ultimate Repack" on DESKTOP first! then switch it over to local disk (C: )
    to make it easier.

    then delete "Theo's Repack"

    NOW! When your AC Web Ultimate Repack is opened! It's ready to configurate.

    Open "Arcemu_rev794", "Configs", "arcemu-realms"
    After "arcemu-realms" is opened
    Scroll all the way to the bottom.
    Change the "" into what I showed when I was explaining the hamachi connection:
    Which is "" You need the hamachi IP "" (BUT USE YOURS)
    then that will allow the others to connect when on your hamachi network.

    If you want your realm name to be the name of your server change the "<Realm1 Name = "Theo's Ultimate FunServer""
    into something you want like "<Realm1 Name = "Realm of Death" "

    Now that you have finished the realms.

    You can go to "arcemu-world" and "arcemu-optional" to change things to whatever you like such as the server
    rates and so on.

    Your server has been configurated!

    Now to put the server online:
    Look for the file called "Server" Click it. Open up "MySQL" then go back to the server file!
    Open "Arcemu_rev794", then open "arcemu-logonserver" and "arcemu-world"

    There you go. Your server is online and running.

    To let others get on. Give them your Hamachi IP "" (USE YOURS)
    And go to your WoW directory folder and look for realmlist.wtf
    Open it, and replace "Set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com" into "Set realmlist"
    The "set patchlist us.version.worldofwarcraft.com" Can stay there.

    To create accounts:
    I suggest using heidisql.
    To download- "http://www.heidisql.com/download.php"
    Install it and then open it up.

    Now to set the settings to login to the Database.

    For Description: You can put your servers name.
    User: Root
    Password: Ascent
    Port: 3306


    TIP: MySQL NEEDS TO BE OPEN in order for the Database to connect!

    To create an account go to the "Logon DataBase"
    it should say "logon"
    Then there should be a list of things.
    Click "Accounts"
    There is 2 Account in there already.
    You can edit them.
    As you make each account make sure you follow the numbers such as 1,2,3,4,5, and so on.
    delete "tbcadmin" and you can change it into "ServerOwner"
    Password can be changed to "12345678" but make it so no one else could get in!

    Leave Encrypted_Password alone.
    For GM set it to "AZ" that makes you get all commands as admin. "lastlogin" and "lastip" don't worry about.
    Set them to "0" if you don't have Burning Crusade.
    I'm from the USA so I set my language to "enUS" and muted "0"
    "Pretbcadmin" can be deleted.

    There you go. You have made your account.

    Then ask your friends what account information they want, then you can make their account and your ready to play!

    Also you can choose ANY other repack you like such as "3.0.3-WoTLK" Repack.
    I just demontrated over a 2.4.3 repack.!

    Credits go to x Elite x for the repack!
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