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    Gears of War Xbox 360

    This looks like a shoot 'em up, survival horror and it plays brilliantly. You are Marcus Fenix (or Dom if you choose to play co - op as player 2), a young soldier in the elite Gears unit of the Coalition of Organized Governments (COG). Sent to eliminate Locust forces, you and your team must save citizens, defeat locust and stay alive.

    Game : Gears of War
    Genre : Third-person shooter, Action, Survival Horror
    Developer : Microsoft and Epic Games
    IGN Rating: 9.4/10 "Outstanding"

    Graphics are spectacular you experience environments, light, dark, smoky, stormy and different terrains such as City, Forest and Underground. The violence detail is very high, which is no doubt where the certificate 18 came from, show no bars as you shoot, chainsaw, blow apart and crush the opposition all in High Definition gaming.

    The audio is pretty good with eerie music in dark situations and clever energy fuelling pump action epic scores for action fights, with brilliant gunfire and explosion sound effects, team commands, comments, and enemy locust roars best experienced with surround sound, however Gears of War is stunning without.

    There are 5 acts re-playable with around 10 chapters per act, co - op is the same although play as player 2 a.k.a Dom to unlock achievements such as Dom-Curious, and Domination for basically playing as Dom.
    The weapon and ammo system in Gears is brilliantly realistic, you can carry 4 grenades, one pistol, either the stating pistol, or the enemies magnum type pistol. You can then carry 2 heavy guns these include the chainsaw gun you start off with, which I highly recommend keeping throughout the game, Torque Bows, the Hammer of Dawn, Shotguns, and the enemies machine guns. you select these using the 4 way directional pad. The aiming system is very good also, you hold left trigger to zoom and scope then right trigger to fire.

    Characters are very manoeuvrable in a sense that they can lean against almost every wall, sprint, crouch and flip quickly between cover. Gears of War has no health bars, instead you work on a system of the red skull (the gears of war logo) becoming more and more visible till eventually you die. In co - op and single player you can revive fallen team mates but if one dies, it's game over.

    Want awesome High definition environments, devastating weaponry, and epic storyline and gaming, then look no further than Gears of War. Now with an equally if not, more impressive sequel to play as well.

    Graphics : 9.5
    Sound : 8.5
    Replay value : 8.5
    Value : 9.5

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