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    [ADVANCED-GUIDE] Make Customized Boss & Loot!

    [ADVANCED-GUIDE] Make Customized Boss & Loot! -----[ GUIDE FOR: MAKE CUSTOMIZED BOSS & LOOT! ]-----

    - Advance Guide!
    - Only for Experienced Ascent Users!

    - GUIDE:

    [b]Ok First off we are going to make the Monster as an Start off we go to Creature_names Table

    Insert EntryID ( the ID u will use on Following Places Include Spawnings / script etc)
    Insert Name(the Name off ur Creature In world / Instances / Yelling Stuffs)
    Insert Subname(Guild Tag for monster like "Lawl nerf me" and he will have it as an guild under hes name
    Insert Info_Str ( Leave at Blank or own choice )
    Insert Flags ( what ur Creature shall do etc. the Flag number can Be find by useing search on here or google )
    Insert Type ( What kind of Monster ur makeing , 2 Dragon , 7 humanoid. I know so far.
    Insert Family ( what monsters he shall group up with wen pulling they comes to )
    Insert Rank ( 0 Normal , 1 elite , 2 rare , 3 rare boss ,4 boss)
    Insert Unk4 ( Blank or 0 )
    Insert SpellDataID ( what spells ur mob useing if u made an Spell list or got ID for it)
    Insert MaleDisplayID ( What the Man in the house shall look like Display ID off creature found by doing .npc info on an creature it shows u "DISPLAYINFO / DisplayID)
    Insert FemaleDisplayID( Same as Over there , but now its the Lady)
    Insert off the Blocks to 0 or NULL
    Step 2
    Creature_Proto ( Prototype)
    EnterID ( Same as ur creature had in Name Table)
    MinLevel ( the min Level ur creature can be )
    MaxLevel ( The maxium level ur creature can be )
    Facton ( 21 = Hated with all 35 = Friendly with all 2 = alliance 1 = Horde)
    MinHealth ( Min HP off ur creature ) --------- Will auto Change to Max health wen leave combat
    MaxHealth ( Maxium Health off ur Creature)
    Mana ( the Mana off ur Creature )
    Scale ( the Size off ur Creature 1.00 = Standard Over 5000 = server Crash )
    Flags ( same as Up there but Bonus flags )
    AttackTime ( Time Between Each off ur creature's Hits )
    AttackType ( 0 = melee 7 = ranged 21 = spellcast 93 = instant death) If i rember Right
    MinDamage ( the worst Damage ur Creature can do )
    MaxDamage ( the Maxium Damage ur Creature Can do +35% on Critical hits)
    Ranged Stuffs( Put on 0 if u dont have ranged attack style , else fix it same as melee)
    MountDisplayID ( what mount ur Creature shall sit on Befor enter's Combat )
    Equiptmodel1 ( The DisplayID off weapon ur Creature shall have)
    EquiptInfo1 ( the information about what kind of weapon it is )
    EquiptSlot ( Where it shall be placed on him 768 = mainhand 789 = 2 handed 529 = ranged )
    Equiptslot2 stuffs is same as one but offhand
    Respawn Time ( how long time unti ur Creature Respawns)
    Armor ( How much armor ur creature shall have , Type in % off Damage Reduced maxium 75% can be.)
    Resistance ( resistance he shall have Agaist Spells )
    Combat_Reach ( How many feets hes Attacks shall Reach , 35 - 50 if ranged)
    Bounding_Radius ( Put it on 1 )
    Auras ( The Aura ur creature shall have in combat , SpellID , If Self cast spell its on him self if its Aoe it hits those around him durability Will count on the aura)
    Money ( How much gold he shall drop Leave on Blank for Auto Count )
    Invisiblity Type ( 0 if not invis)
    Death_stats ( put on 0)
    Walk_speed ( hes Walking speed 2.5 = Defualt)
    Run_speed ( Hes Run speed 8 = defualt)
    Fly_speed ( How fast he "flys" 14 = Defualt)
    Extra_a9_flags ( If he shall be immune to stuns etc.)
    Step 3
    the Script.

    Ok make an New file name "ur choice.lua" Open it with Note pad and We start

    First off make an Function
    function "INSERT NAME OF CHOICE"_CheckA(Unit)
    if Unit:GetHealthPct() < "PROCENT HEALTH u want him to react on" then

    Now what he shall do
    Unit:CastSpell(spellID) Cast the Spell at ur Target if not it throws at him self
    Unit:FullCastSpell(spellID) : Casts a spell with casting time on ur Target
    Unit:SpawnCreature(entryID, x, y, z, o, faction, duration) : Spawns a creature at a position with specified faction, despawning after duration milliseconds.
    Unit::PlaySoundToSet(soundID) - Replace Sound ID with the ID off sound he shall do

    Exemple of part one

    function cthun_CheckB(Unit)
    if Unit:GetHealthPct() < 105 then
    Unit:SpawnCreature(15726, 345, -105, -24, 2.3, 21, 60000);
    Unit:SpawnCreature(15726, 302, -93, -24, 0.157, 21, 60000);

    Part Two

    function "SAME NAME AS BEFOR"_OnCombat(Unit, Event)
    Unit:RegisterEvent("URNAMEOFFFUNCTION_CheckA",Trig gerTIME in mil sec, How many times)


    Exemple off part 2

    function cthun_OnCombat(Unit, Event)
    Unit:SendChatMessage(12, 0, "foolish u have sout ur own device , realase u have dissregarded the power , u have failed ur master , now theres only one way out , to walk the path..... of the damned")
    Unit:RegisterEvent("cthun_CheckA",65000, 0)
    Unit:RegisterEvent("cthun_CheckB",15000, 0)
    Unit:RegisterEvent("cthun_Chill",75000, 0)
    Unit:RegisterEvent("cthun_Shadow",1000, 0)

    Part 3


    Wen this is Done u have made an Monster with Scripted Function


    Now to add the loot

    Go to CreatureLoot

    EnteryID ( The ID off ur Monster befor )
    ItemID ( the Id off the item u wanna add ( Entry ID off item ) )
    Dropchanse ( the Procent off Drop chanse it shall have )
    HeroicProcentDropchanse ( Leave at 0 )
    Mincount ( how small stack it can drop )
    MaxCount ( how Big stack max is )
    LootFFA ( Split it for all team members and let all pick up off it )

    Spawn him Ingame

    /say .npc spawn "UR ID OFF MONSTER"

    Kill him

    /say .kill

    These ads disappear when you log in.

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    Ever heard of a code box?
    Apart from that, it's good, perhaps some more colour. +Rep

    Edit: Got to spread

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