Understanding the SVN menu

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    Understanding the SVN

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    This is for every one who does not know how to use or know what the SVN is. The svn is a tool that you can download files into a folder on your computer. Its simple to use. Download | TortoiseSVN

    1. Install the program

    2. Make a new folder on your desktop

    3. Right click on the folder

    4. Find svn check out.

    5. Click on it

    6. Find "URL of repository" (Should be on top)

    7. Enter svn://arcemu.info/svn/arcemu

    8. Now click ok.

    9. Now you should get a list of whats downloading now while your waiting go find a job.

    Now that its done open up the folder. You should see 3 folders inside.

    We are going to open trunk

    There are 5 folders

    Extras - Extras/Need
    m4 -Ignore
    sql -Need
    SRC - Need
    WIN -Need

    You need Visual C++ Express 2008 google it and download

    After the C++ is installed open the Extras folder. FInd arcemu-windows-libraries and open. Find the txt file and read what to do.

    Now open arcemuVC90.sln in the WIN folder

    The C++ program will pop up .
    Look in the middle of the program were the tool bar is, there should be two words

    1. Debug
    2. Win32

    Were it says Debug go can click the arrow and select release. This does not effect any thing but, when you log onto the server it will say, Arc emu Release r653 and if you selected debug it will say, Arc emu debug r653. Also when you have debug there will be a debug folder that will have the server. When you select release you will have a release folder.

    Look at the tool bar and click on build.
    Click build solution.
    Wait and get some food. Walk around. Go practice with your rifle.

    When it says:

    ========== Build: 3 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

    That means it worked.

    Remeber when I told you there are release and debug folders well you need to select the same one as the last build. (The thing you just did)

    Go ahead and close the C++ program

    Look down at section 2 too see how to add my C++ scripts before you do this!!!!

    Section 1.5

    Open up the folder SRC, then scripts you should,


    Open that

    The C++ program will pop open again.

    Remeber you needed to rember what folder it was in the release or debug. Well select what you had when you built the core.

    Do the same thing as last time.

    If you do not the complie will not work.

    When it says

    ========== Build: 5 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 1 skipped ==========

    Your done

    It says 1 skipped thats the quest scripts you don't really need it but if your going for blizzlike you need it. All you have to do to build it is right click it on the left hand side and select build.

    Now that every thing is done go back to the first folder and open bin. There you can find the release folder that has the exe's and the script_bin in it.

    Section 2

    Now to help you with my Database

    With my database I added some C++ and a database of course but no core. The one you just made can be used for my database. Here Im going to show you how to build the C++ scripts with the server.

    Open C++ Scripts folder that was in the download from my funserver

    Place DM and onecreate folder into

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\FolderName\trunk\src\scripts

    Replace scripts2008.sln with the one in the rar file. Note: All other scripts will still work.

    Now enter

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\FolderName\trunk\src\scripts\src

    And relpace makefile.am with the one in the rar file.

    And then place DM and onecreate folder in.

    Go to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\FolderNametrunk\src\scripts\projects

    And place both vcproj in.

    Go back up to section 1.5 to complete the build.

    Heres my database:


    How to use the sql folder. In their there is sql updates. Not every sql update will work but if they don't that means you do not need it. If it does work that means the server did need it.
    If you are having problems with your server look at the arc-emu.exe if there is a query type message that will say something like,

    Failure to "Replace into creature_names entry, name, subname, etc etc.

    Then look into the world folder and find a update that is for creature_names.

    Thats how you use the sql folder.

    Have a good day
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    Nice guide!
    I'll +rep just need to spread rep first.

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