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    Setting up a Server with a Repack.

    How To Set Up A World Of Warcraft Private Server. Written by Kikootwo.



    Setting Up Your Server

    Editing Your Database and Server

    Making Your Server Public

    Website Stuff

    __________________________________________________ _________________________
    1. Introduction

    Just Had a weird thought today. Been here for almost a year. I know how to compile dlls ascent arcemu. blah blah blah. Going to start contributing and get my status up here. And here is the first step.

    Good Luck Guys! Kikootwo.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    2. Setting Up Your Server

    >Download a AC Web Ultimate Repack at AC Web
    1. You need to create an account
    2. Go to downloads -> repacks
    3. Download the top one.
    4. Once installed to your C:\ ... if the repack doesnt come in the AC Web Ultimate
    Repack folder, you need to create the folder and put the repack items in there.
    5. There should be a Control Panel, Ascent Folder, Server Folder, 2 Rar Files and
    a ReadMe. (Use the ReadMe if you want)
    6. Now extract one of the two rar files. Depending where you are from. Either Europe
    or United States. Extract the file using WinRAR (search the download on google)
    Extract the files to your Desktop
    7. Move the files to C:\Program Files\World Of Warcraft
    8. Run the program you extracted called Ad
    9. Leave it running. It will close on its own. It will take a while
    10. Once it is finished, put the maps folder you extracted into your
    C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Ascent
    11. You can delete the 2 Rar Files now if you want
    12. To access your server, first you need to go to C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft
    then open up a file called with notepad and change it to:
    Set realmlist
    13. Save that and exit
    14. Now go to C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Ascent and edit Logonserver.conf with notepad.
    15. Look for something that looks like this:
    <Client MinBuild = "1"
    MaxBuild = "9999">
    16. Make sure it looks like that!
    17. Save and exit that
    18. Now go to C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack and start the Control Panel
    19. Click Start Server
    20. It Will run 4 Programs
    21. Wait about 3 minutes or until the programs stop producing text
    22. When it does stop, you can log onto your server
    23. You can log in with Username: Admin Password: Admin

    __________________________________________________ _____________________________
    3. Editing Your Database and Server

    >NOTE: When you edit your Database or Server, you have to restart the programs
    using the Control Panel for the changes to work
    >Download Navicat/HeidiSQL at
    >Navicat is not free, its a trial verson - download the cracked version at
    www.************ (Sign Up) and search Navicat Cracked
    >Start up MySQL from the Control Panel
    >Open Navicat/HeidiSQL
    >Create a new connection
    >Database: Name it whatever Hostname: Username: root Password: ascent
    Leave anything else blank.
    >To change usernames and passwords, open your Logon database
    >Open the Accounts table
    >There will be the Admin account. Click on whatever you want to edit and type in
    what you want.
    >To save on HeidiSQL, click the little tick button.
    >To make a account a GM account, put az under gm. If not, put 0
    >To add a new account, press the + button on HeidiSQL
    >Under acct put a unique number, it can be the same as any other account
    >Put in the Username, Password, and GM
    >Put 0 under banned, lastlogin, lastip and email.
    >If they arnt using Burning Crusade, put 0 under flags. If they are, then put 8.
    >Then save

    >If you want to create an item, sign up at WoW Vendetta - Wage Your War
    >Go to Tools and whichever creator you want
    >Where it says Display ID, this is what the item and its icon looks like
    You can find a Display ID in your Ascent database in the items table
    Just go across the columns until you find Display ID
    And you have to find the item you want your item to look like
    >When you put in the entry code, it has to be unique, not the same as any other
    items ID. But make sure you can remember it
    >And where it says Item Level... leave that one blank
    >Once you have made your item, click create at the bottom of the page
    >Then copy the SQL Log in the box
    >For HeidiSQL users, go to your ascent database, then click import and click
    Load SQL File
    >It will come up with a browser, close it and then under SQl Query, paste in
    the SQL Log and once pasted, press F9
    >Navicat users, paste the SQL Log into notepad and save it on your Desktop
    as whatever.SQL
    >Then on navicat, right click your ascent database and click Execute Batch File
    >Browse for the SQL file you saved and hit Execute
    >To add an item ingame, type .add ItemID

    If you want to create a vendor, sign up at WoW Vendetta - Wage Your War
    >Go to Tools and click vendor creator
    >Where it says Display ID, this is what your vendor will look like
    To find a vendor display ID go to your ascent database in the
    creature_names table, look for the vendor you want yours to look like
    and go along to the 10th column
    >If you vendor is male, look in the male_displayID column, if its female,
    look in the female_displayID column
    >For Vendor ID, you need to put in a unique ID that no other vendor has but
    make one you will remember
    >Leave mount display
    >You can add items to your vendor, just put in the vendors ID (not display ID)
    and the item ID found in the items table, and the quantity.
    >Leave quantity blank for infinite
    >Then press create at the bottom of the page
    >Copy the SQL Log
    >Go to your ascent database on heidiSQL, click Imporant and go on Load SQL File
    >It will open a browser, close it
    >Under SQL Query, paste your SQL Log then press F9
    >Navicat Users, paste your SQL Log onto Notepad, save it as whatever.SQL
    >Go to navicat, right click the ascent database and go to execute batch file
    >Browse for your SQL file and click execute
    >To add the vendor when you log on type .npc spawn vendorID
    >To add a item to a vendor, target the vendor and type .npc vendoradditem itemID
    >To remove an item from a vendor, target the vendor and type .npc vendorremove item itemID
    >NOTE: If you spawn your vendor and it is a blue and white checkered box, you have typed
    an incorrect DisplayID, if you have put in a correct one, go to
    C:\Program Files\World Of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enGB (or enUS) and delete the npccache.
    >To edit server rates go to C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack and go to ascent.conf or realms.conf
    >Go to the bottom of realms.conf to change your server name
    >Go down in your ascent.conf to where you can change the MOTD and level cap and if you
    go a bit further down you can change drop rates and xp rates

    __________________________________________________ _____
    4. Making Your Server Public

    This step can be complicated for some people so pay attention...
    If you dont understand this step, use the advanced guide.

    1. Go to
    2. Create an account, login and go to Services. Click on Dynamic DNS
    3. Click on Get Started
    4. Your Hostname can be whatever you want, tick Create Wildcard
    5. On the IP Address part, just click the IP Address link
    6. Leave everything else and click Create New Host
    7. You need to remember your Hostname
    8. Go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc and open hosts.file with notepad
    9. At the end, paste this in: (Dynamic DNS Hostname)
    (Internal IP) (Dynamic DNS Hostname)
    (External IP) (Dynamic DNS Hostname)

    10. You can find your Internal IP by going onto Start, Run and type CMD. It will open
    a Command Prompt. Type in Ipconfig and press enter. Now next to IP Address, it will
    tell you your IP Address. It will start with 192
    11. You can find your External IP by going to What Is My IP Address? - IP Address Lookup, Bandwidth Speed Test, IP Info, plus more

    13. Your Hosts file should look something like this:

    # Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.
    # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
    # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
    # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
    # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
    # The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
    # space.
    # Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
    # lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol.
    # For example:
    # # source server
    # # x client host ( (
    ( (

    14. Ive hidden my DynDNS and Ip Address for security reasons, you need to type yours in.
    15. Go to C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Ascent and open your Realms.conf
    16. Look for:

    RealmCount ="1">

    17. Change it to:

    RealmCount ="2">

    18. Look for:

    <Realm1 Name = "YOUR REALM NAME"
    Address = ""
    Icon = "PVP"
    Colour = "1"
    Population = "1.0"
    TimeZone = "1">

    19. Change it to:

    <Realm1 Name = "YOUR REALM NAME"
    Address = "YOUR EXTERNAL IP:8129"
    Icon = "PVP"
    Colour = "1"
    Population = "1.0"
    TimeZone = "1">

    <Realm2 Name = "YOUR REALM NAME - Local"
    Address = "YOUR INTERNAL IP:8129"
    Icon = "PVP"
    Colour = "1"
    Population = "1.0"
    TimeZone = "1">

    20. Save and Exit
    21. You might not want 2 realms, but only you can see the second realm.
    Its there to stop realm loop which stops your realmlist from connecting
    to WoW
    22. If you using a Modem, go to AC Web and search Public Server with Hamachi
    and look for a thread by Thorz. Its the only way to do it with a Modem but I dont
    want to explain doing it with hamachi
    23. Im not sure how to do this step with wireless so people using wireless might have to
    use Hamachi to, otherwise you can try looking up port forwarding with wireless on
    24. Router users go to - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall
    25. Find your router
    26. Then on the new page, go down until you find World Of Warcraft
    27. Then on the World Of Warcraft page, go down until you see some text saying:

    Open a web browser like internet explorer or Netscape. Enter the ip address of your
    router in the address bar of your browser. In the picture above the address bar has
    Google in it. Just replace all of that with the ip address of your
    router. By default the ip address should be set to

    28. There will be an IP Address where I put the
    29. Copy the IP Address and paste it in your web browser
    30. When it comes up with log in, username: Admin Password: Admin
    31. Find a page where you can enable DynDNS to connect to your router/
    a page where you can type in your DynDNS hostname, username and
    32. If that page asks you to pick a service, choose
    33. Then save those settings
    34. Now go to a page named Application & Gaming or something similar
    or look for a page where you can port forward
    35. If you find a page where you can port forward... (im putting in my Linksys info)
    36. Leave application blank
    37. Open these ports:


    38. Under Protocol, put Both and under IP Address, put yours in
    39. You need to tick Enabled
    40. Here is what mine looks like:

    Application Start End Protocol IP Address Enabled
    3036 3036 Both (tick)
    3724 3724 Both (tick)
    6881 6999 Both (tick)
    8129 8129 Both (tick)
    2093 2093 Both (tick)
    6112 6112 Both (tick)
    8050 8050 Both (tick)
    8245 8245 Both (tick)
    3306 3306 Both (tick)
    80 80 Both (tick)

    41. Then save the settings
    42. To get a friend to connect, get them to go to C:\Program Files\World Of Warcraft
    43. Get them to change it to Set realmlist yourDNShostname
    44. Ex. set realmlist
    45. Then they need to save it and exit that

    46. Remember: You need the programs running from the Control Panel for your server to work
    47. Note: Ide advise you to create a notepad document containing your DynDNS
    realmlist and your WoW realmlist just incase you want to switch back and you
    dont know the other realmlist. Tell your friend to do this too.

    48. If you did everything right, you should have a public server =)

    __________________________________________________ _________
    5. Website Stuff
    >To get a website for people to make accounts on for you server...
    >You will need to make it public
    >Go to [TUTORIAL]Ascent Websites Installation Guide
    and download the website you like most
    >I would advise you not to download BLIZZLIKE FRONT END because it uses up alot of memory
    and will take ages to load when somebody goes on it.
    >Extract the Rar file you downloaded to your Desktop
    >Copy the things in the folder you extracted and paste them into C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Server\htdocs
    >If it says it overwriting files, click Yes To All
    >Now go to C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Server\htdocs and open either index.php or config.php
    with notepad depending on which you got in your download
    >Look for something like this:


    $config['mysql_host'] = ''; //MySQL Host
    $config['mysql_user'] = 'root'; //MySQL Username
    $config['mysql_pass'] = 'ascent'; //MySQL Password
    $config['mysql_dbname'] = 'ascent'; //Database Name


    >Make sure it looks like that
    >Go to C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Server\Apache\conf and open httpd.conf with notepad
    >Look for something like:

    Listen 8245

    >Make sure it looks like that
    >Go to No-IP - Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP
    >Sign Up
    >Once signed in, go to Add Host. Pick any hostname you want but it has to be a No-IP Free Domain
    >Host Type: Port 80 Redirect IP Address: YourExternalIP Port: 8245
    >Then go down and click on Create Port Redirect
    >Now your done

    >For your website to work, you need Apache running from the Control Panel and if you want people
    to be able to make accounts on your website, you need to run MySQl
    >The address for your website will be http://no-iphostname
    For ex.

    Credits to Abosulte Zero for the website stuff section.

    Guide on Self Compiling soon!
    Hope this Helped!
    Post here with questions/feedback

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    18 views no replys? Come on. Feed Back Please. Did I leave anything out?

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    When i press start all ..... 2 of the programs just exits at once ... why ?

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    my server says connected but wont go past that /cry

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    Tomlikesbread- They havent updated for 2.4.3 Give them a few for days. ( you can depatch if you want to. That will work also)

    Petnon- I dont recoment pressing start all. Try just pressing MySQL then Logonserver then ascent. If it still doesnt work post again. But still. You will need to depatch also.

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    Ok ... still dont work... so i guess ill wait then ? :P

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    Either That Or de-patch Or self compile

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    Not to sound like an a**but could maybe a contributer or somone higher up Tell me what I did wrong? Because Obviously I forgot something. I havent Recieved One rep from this guide that took 4 hours to write. Thanks mmowned Community

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    I'm not sure but don't you need dot net framework 3.5 for this to work?

    And this does not work with 2.4.3, aleast that is what this tread on ac web says but there is a fix.
    will update this post when i have tryed the fix.

    Also this is the second ascent repack i tried and with both i can't log in to the realm
    it just hangs there can someone tell me what steps wow goes trough to log onto the realm?

    like what ports are used and what files are used?
    Or is there a place where that is listed?

    Also in the "2. Setting Up Your Server" part of the guide you say at step 5 " There should be a Control Panel, Ascent Folder, Server Folder, 2 Rar Files and
    a ReadMe. (Use the ReadMe if you want)" there are no RAR files in my "C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack" folder there are 3 folders called : Ascent, Server, Tools. and a exe called control panel, and a readme file.

    i think the rar files are the data for the client? if im wrong what are they?
    FYI i have repack version "AC Web Ultimate Repack 7.8"


    Last edited by /B/; 07-28-2008 at 08:31 AM. Reason: added some questions

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    How to fix the problem with the connect or logging into gameserver hangup

    This is a fix for the problem of a hangup when logging in the REALM

    (this works if you have a wow version of 2.4.3 (this can be checked by opening your wow client and looking to the left bottem side of the screen.))

    For this you are going to need 2 files

    One is Navicat. For those of you who don't know what this is. It is a program that makes editing a mysql database easy.

    the other one is a update to your ascent folder its called Arcemu_r504.rar

    once those 2 are downloaded you follow this guide i got from the AC website

    the files are downloadble from this thread AC Web > World Of Warcraft > Releases
    [Release] AC Web Ultimate Repack 7.8 - Updated for 2.4.3 - WarpNPC

    i would like to link but i cant yet sorry about that maby someone with more permissions would be so kind to link the files

    This is a guide by faddix! not by me!

    if you don't know how to work with Navicat i explain it at the end of the guide

    it is also important to have all the DOS boxes (the black boxes closed when you unpack (unrar) the file in your ascent folder!

    Guide begins here :

    You MUST update game to v2.4.3!!!
    You MUST have .Net Framework 3.5 installed!!!

    And make backup of your "C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\" folder, just in case!!!

    How to update:

    1. Unpack "Arcemu_r504.rar" in "C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Ascent" folder overwriting all files.
    2.Open Navicat and in "logon" database "Execute batch file" then load "character_table_update.sql"
    3.In "ascent" database execute "WarpNPC_id55555.sql" file for WarpNPC. ID of npc is 55555!
    4.In "ascent" database execute "SunPlusPlus_full.sql" file for sun++ scripted instances. (only once time per database, i will make updates if needed )
    5.Run logon server with "arcemu-logonserver.exe".
    6.Run world with "".
    extra updates for world databases will be in "sql_update\world_updates" folder.

    Note: Config files are now in "C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Ascent\configs" folder.

    Now you have updated AC Web Ultimate Repack , for 2.4.3 support!!!

    Guide ends here.

    if you have zero knowledge of Navicat its easy.

    when you open Navicat make sure you have mysql open its in the server folder.

    when the mysqll is running go to your Navicat and click on the "File" drop down menu.

    click "new connection..."

    you need to fill in the password which is ascent if you have not changed it.
    the username is already filled in (root) which is correct if you did not change anything in your mysql file.

    Click "ok"

    now you should have a list of names with grey can like icons on the left side of the Navicat program.

    to "open" a database as the guide above says you just have to click on it.
    to "Execute batch file" you need to RIGHT click on the datebase and select it from the drop down menu. now that you have the Execute batch file screen open you need to load the file to execute.
    this is done by clicking on the button with the 3 dots on it.
    then selecting the file you wish to execute.

    hope this helps.



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    The Maps.exe is now in the tools folder. Like I posted above You need to wait for the next repack, self compile, or depatch

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    This is working perfectly for me great guide +Rep

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