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    [Codes]Resetting MySQL password

    Hello, I am just trying a bit to get out of leecher and to contribute! I hope that someone finds this useful. I use it, I keep accedentally resetting my password to default when trying to set up my private server to live :banghead:

    1) Login to mysql server, type following command at shell prompt:

    $ mysql -u root -p

    2) Use mysql database (type command at mysql> prompt):

    mysql> use mysql;

    3) Change password for user root:

    mysql> update user set password=PASSWORD("NEWPASSWORD") where User='root';

    4) Reload privileges:

    mysql> flush privileges;
    mysql> quit

    This method you need to use while using PHP or Perl scripting.

    More information:

    Sometimes you forget to set your information, the default information for MySQL is:

    Username: root
    Password: empty

    However if you use something like Plesk software use following information:

    User: admin
    Password: admin

    Sometimes, if you downloaded a repack or someone elses programs, you may have their configuration... your best bet is to ask them what the information is or... place these Fresh config files into your C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\data\mysql (Backup old then overwrite) these files reset your username and password to:

    <no password set> (just hit enter in the dos command shell)

    Should be in where the folders of your database backups, in the mysql folder.

    another good command:

    GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO [email protected] IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

    If no others work, try:

    SET PASSWORD FOR ‘username’@'localhost’=PASSWORD(’new_password’);

    Make sure not to have any databases selected!

    I searched for any posts with this information, but didn't find any. I am sorry if this turns out to be a repost and/or failure.
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