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    Server Guide

    Ok lets start off simple.

    The Nessecaries.
    Mysql 5.0
    SQLyog 7.0
    AC web Repack

    If you do not like SQLYog you can download navicat, i am not giving a link to navicat as i find it particulary complex and useless.

    Mysql is a database application. Nessecary.
    SQLYog is a database GUI application, it allows you to easily edit the database without too much useless graphics and so forth.
    AC web repack is the actual server applications etc. etc. You will need to create an account, i attempted to create a public account but then realised that some asshat would just change the password anyway.

    The actions
    Install MYSQL. Use a password different from "ascent" for security measures. IE: leetuser4853.

    Install SQLYog.

    Install the AC Web Repack, it will most likely be in your C:/AC-Web directory.

    C:\AC Web\Ascent\ascent-world.conf
    <WorldDatabase Hostname = "localhost" Username = "root" Password = "MYSQLPASS" Name = "ascent" Port = "3306" Type = "1">
    <CharacterDatabase Hostname = "localhost" Username = "root" Password = "MYSQLPASS" Name = "logon" Port = "3306" Type = "1">
    <LogonServer DisablePings = "0"
                 RemotePassword = "MYSQLPASS">
    Go to, create an account and log in, if this step is too difficult for you, just pull your plug out now.

    Go to, copy your IP and put it in a notepad file. We'll call this notepad file "steve".

    Ok, now paste your IP into steve. If you are running through a non static IP, i cannot help you past this point as i would rather not delve into such detail. Just a tip for those without a static ip, search for DYNDNS and download the updater, which updates it when your IP changes on

    Now go on and create a cool domain for your server, IE: and put your static IP as the IP required.

    We should be done with all that whatismyip and dyndns bollox.

    Now, we go into here.

    C:\AC Web\Ascent\ascent-realms.conf
    <Realm1 Name = "AC Web commonly used for Tutorials Repack"
            Address = "" # change the ADDRESS to your dynamic DNS hostname, ie
            Icon = "PVP"
            Population = "1.0"
            TimeZone = "1">
    Change what your mysql pass in ascent-logonserver.conf

    C:\AC Web\Ascent\ascent-logonserver.conf
    <LogonDatabase Hostname = "localhost"
                   Username = "root"
                   Password = "MYSQLPASS"
                   Name     = "logon"
                   Port     = "3306"
                   Type     = "1">
    <LogonServer RemotePassword = "ascent"
                 AllowedIPs = ""
                 AllowedModIPs = "">
    Go back into ascent-world.conf and remove the DIE lines, all the blocks with <die and <die2. I dont even know why they are there as they will be removed anyway.

    Ok, now, we go back to steve. We'll need to edit some files quickly.

    We copy our IP address again, its very useful, ya?

    Now hit start menu key and R at the same time.

    enter this


    enter ipconfig and write into steve the IP's it shows you, it shows
    IP Address
    Default gateway
    are those you wanna add into steve.

    Hit start menu and R again.


    hit ok

    open the hosts file with notepad.

    Change it to this, but use YOUR ip and YOUR dynamic DNS
    # localhost       localhost
    # Static IP Address - WoWServer
    YourLocalIPAddress(192.168.*.*) YourDyndns
    # Local IP Address - WoWServer
    YourIPAddress(check steve for this) YourDyndns
    Ok, were getting closer.

    C:\AC Web\Server\mysql\
    Copy the data folder, and paste it into C:\Program Files\Mysql\Mysql 5.0 Gay Edition\

    Run SQLyog, and check if you can connect to the added databases.

    Run your server to test if it works, realmlist is

    Now go into your router, which is your default gateway IP which can be found in steve.

    And we'll open the ports

    3306 < mysql.
    3724 < realmlist port.
    8093 < ascent logonserver.
    8129 < ascent world.

    Now if you've done everything right, everything should work. Capiche?

    I dont take screenshots as they take time.

    I made this guide yet i cant even make my OWN server public, but according to all of you on mmowned and from what i have learned.... It will work.

    people should be able to connect using the realmlist which is your dyndns.

    Effigy. Anyone wanna help me with my server, need help or anything? [email protected] - MSN.

    I refuse to post below this as it will take up my low post count of 1 or 2 or something rediculous like that.

    I'm proud to leech, but i'm also proud to share and repeat knowlege i have learnt. So give and take a bit, eh?

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    bump i'm sorry but really...

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    small issues, but not to big. Id put screenies just because i could see where a newbie could get lost +1
    ~The Absence of Evidence is not the Evidence of Absence~

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