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    [Discovery] Good Core Edit for PvP servers or above 70 servers

    ok well the undead have the spell canabalize and while going through my player.cpp in the core i found it and im gonna show where to edit at incase you want then to get more than 100 health from it
    open player.cpp

    search EventCannibalize
    or line 5168

    void Player::EventCannibalize(uint32 amount)
     uint32 amt = (GetUInt32Value(UNIT_FIELD_MAXHEALTH)*amount)/100;
     uint32 newHealth = GetUInt32Value(UNIT_FIELD_HEALTH) + amt;
     if(newHealth <= GetUInt32Value(UNIT_FIELD_MAXHEALTH))
      SetUInt32Value(UNIT_FIELD_HEALTH, newHealth);
     if(cannibalizeCount == 5)
      SetUInt32Value(UNIT_NPC_EMOTESTATE, 0);
     WorldPacket data(SMSG_PERIODICAURALOG, 38);
     data << GetNewGUID();       // caster guid
     data << GetNewGUID();       // target guid
     data << (uint32)(20577);    // spellid
     data << (uint32)1;       // unknown?? need resource?
     data << (uint32)FLAG_PERIODIC_HEAL;  // aura school
     data << amt;       // amount of done to target / heal / damage
     data << (uint32)0;       // unknown in some sniff this was 0x0F
     SendMessageToSet(&data, true);
    simply edit this line to what ever you wish <edit wahts in red>

    uint32 amt = (GetUInt32Value(UNIT_FIELD_MAXHEALTH)*amount)/100;
    im sorry thats it guide like i just didn't really feel this should be in guides section
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    Alright, first off, no clue if this would work or not so I can't comment on that. CBA to recompile my core just to try it.
    Secondly, it really should be in the guides section. A moderator might just move it.
    Thirdly, excellent! This would be a great addition to any funserver. +3Rep.

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