[Bug/Exploit]Tempest of Set bugged feat. menu

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    [Bug/Exploit]Tempest of Set bugged feat.

    To make it short, it seems that if you put 3 points in the feat "Presence of Mind" under the General tree (removes 20% casting time on certain heals per point spent),
    your Life of Set healing spell becomes instant (though it should only have been 60% faster), but when you put the fourth point in "Presence of Mind" it's no longer instant, it has the cast time it's supposed to have (80% reduced).

    I'm not sure if the other healing spells are also faster than they should at the third rank in 'Presence of Mind',
    but I figure you could save a feat point or two, since you almost always use Life of Set more than the other healing spells

    Hope this proves useful to someone .

    This bug/exploit was written by Yemmiz on mmowned.com

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    Thanks.But no need to heal (Hehe not much)

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    No need to heal? do you mean you go around fighting 1 mob at a time? ...

    This class is meant to round up alot of mobs, throw heals, and dps them down.

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