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    [Help] Have access to e-mail not associated with account

    Ok, i recently got access to a pretty nice 3/5 T6 UD rouge that i am going to keep. I have access to an e-mail of his that is UNASSOCIATED with his account, his Paypal Account (just got his phone # and address off of, no identity theft here ), and 1-2 online dating sites which i have obtained 2 DIFFERENT last names.

    Also, the Phone numbers are NOT associated with his account but the address is.

    I am 95% sure he is the OO of the account because the WoW account name & passowrd and the e-mail account & paypal account and pass word are IDENTICAL.

    The first letter of 1 of the last names is the same as the first letter of the e-mail associated with the account.

    I have just having a bit of trouble determining which of his last names is correct.

    I have thought about sending him a bullshit fake e-mail telling him that he was recently attempted to be contacted but he was un-able to be contacted and he was needed to update ALL of his contact info.

    Edit: the adress on his paypal and WoW account match.
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    Do you got the SQA? If so, you could try and call with 2 different phone numbers and call Blizzard. First you tell them your email has been hacked and you want them to change it. Try the first second name. Write all the info you got down just in case. Then it's a 50/50 chance it was the good one and the email has been changed. If not, call a few days later and try again
    with the other second name.

    Is that the answer to your question?


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