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    [Scam] HELP! 10 of 10 fails!

    Aodhan säger:

    Hey there
    21:16:46Jag säger:

    21:17:04Jag säger:

    I belive you had an account for sale/trade.
    21:17:06Jag säger:

    21:17:11Aodhan säger:

    Yes was selling one
    21:17:14Jag säger:

    21:17:19Jag säger:

    You still have it?
    21:17:38Aodhan säger:

    21:17:50Jag säger:

    Cool, armory?
    21:19:57Aodhan säger:

    The World of Warcraft Armory
    21:20:35Jag säger:

    Does he have any PvP gear?
    21:21:03Aodhan säger:

    Yes. 3/5 Veng,2/5 Merc and All vinidicators
    21:21:07Jag säger:

    21:21:18Jag säger:

    How would you like to recieve your payment?
    21:21:27Aodhan säger:

    21:21:33Jag säger:

    Ok, How much?
    21:21:39Jag säger:

    21:21:39Aodhan säger:

    21:21:45Aodhan säger:

    21:21:46Jag säger:

    $ please?
    21:21:53Aodhan säger:

    21:22:02Jag säger:

    21:22:06Jag säger:

    Ok, fine
    21:22:50Jag säger:

    if you change E-Mail to [email protected]
    21:23:00Jag säger:

    Then give me account name and SQ/A
    21:23:05Jag säger:

    ill give you money
    21:23:13Jag säger:

    Then after you give me password
    21:23:15Jag säger:

    21:23:23Aodhan säger:

    Can we wait for a bit
    21:23:27Aodhan säger:

    This is a bit too quick for me
    21:24:38Jag säger:

    21:24:51Jag säger:

    How long do you want to wait?
    21:25:23Aodhan säger:

    Not sure
    21:25:28Jag säger:

    21:26:20Jag säger:

    Could we trade today?
    21:26:35Aodhan säger:

    21:26:50Jag säger:

    21:26:58Jag säger:

    21:27:06Aodhan säger:

    21:27:13Aodhan säger:

    Tbh i dont want to sell to you
    21:27:21Aodhan säger:

    Your more than obviously a scammer
    21:27:23Jag säger:

    21:27:35Aodhan säger:

    goood luck rippping off the world
    21:27:36Jag säger:

    I am not a scammer

    This happened today...

    Jag säger: = I says
    Aodhan säger = Aodhan(victim) says

    Also, im acting as a company...

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    I honestly advise using a different scam; if not, you should be very polite, use alot of ^^'s, and =D's. Act like your super serious about the trade, and remember if you were really a buyer, you'd suspect they are a scammer to.
    Richard rules!

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    but its a 10 in a row fail!
    how can this be possible?

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    Dont mean to be rude but your social skills arnt to great, you tryed to do this to quick you have to take your time if you try en rush em into the deal they will most likly not go through with it. If your impersonating someone give em a link to the feedback thread of the person you are impersonating or to the website. Try an negotiate the price more make it sounds like you rly want it. Ask more questions like how much gold is on the account, what alts, what gear, honor pts and arena pts saved, are you the OO, do you have all the info? All the things you would ask if you were rly buying an account. Then if you do get him to trust you tell em you will need all the info upfront or if you dont think he will fall for that try something else.

    Heres what I do, I start the conversation and ask for an armory, check out the armory then say your interested, ask for there feedback link and give them yours (or the one of the person your pretending to be). If he doesnt have one say thats fine is this your first time selling/trading? If he says yes this should be easy, say ok Ill guide you through the process I take with every customer. Ask the questions I listed below. Then ask him his name then say can you take a screenshot of your manage account screen and send it to me so I can see that the name matches the one he gave you. Now hopefully when he sends you the pic he didnt block out the login, you will need this later. If he did you can still get it pretty easily. Now say ok I just need your login and your SQA to make sure you know it, if they say no say ok just think about it for a moment, there is no way I can take control of your account with your login and SQA, let em think if they still wont tell em why you cant (you rly can most ppl dont know you can call blizz and will give it to you). Now once you have this info say ok what is your asking price? negotiate, you alrdy have all the info you need but this makes them less suspecting then say you will send the money to there adress get there info. Then log off call up blizz say you forgot your email adress and ask em to change it. When you call they will ask your phone number (if you blocked it) tell them the number your calling from not the one registered to the account. Then they will ask your name tell them the name of the guy your scamming. THen they will ask SQA tell em the answer if its right they will change email for your if its wrong they wont. Once email is changed reset password and the account is now under your control. If you dont want the account to get recalled make a new account under the same last name as the guy you scammed it from transfer the chars you want to the new account and get the scammed account banned. Now you should be all set and have a brand new account.

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    look at my sig theres a good thread in there with tips and guides should give you an idea

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    Use formal English, and don't pressure the seller, for instance u said, can we trade today? No. Tommorow? If they say No, say np, contact us when you feel you are ready to part with the account or something, and sound super serious.

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