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    Ground Control 1 - MapHack

    I'm trying hard to find a certain code, I'll explain in detail the situation below.

    Check the images below first , what I need to know is if there is any value that shows the movement of the units, or some way to find the code that shows the movement of the units, can anyone help me?
    maybe I have an easier way, if I figure out how to increase the range of the radar to see the enemies, this blue circle is the range of radar , can you help me in that part?

    004BCCD7 - 8A 40 38 - mov al [eax+38]Original Code
    004BCCD7 - 8A 40 38 - mov al,0F Modified Code (This code show these red dots, which are above each unit of the game.)

    i also found these codes that too show

    004E38B2 - 8A 44 08 02 - mov al,[eax+ecx+02]
    004E38CC - 8A 4C 0A 02 - mov cl,[edx+ecx+02]
    004E3CA5 - 8A 54 08 02 - mov dl,[eax+ecx+02]
    004E2F01 - 66 8B 44 08 02 - mov ax,[eax+ecx+02]

    Some help? Shows the buildings and troops, but never their movements , i need found the code that show units moviments for use on a multiplayer plataform called '' GameRanger '' , this video show a match 1v1 which may clarify my explanations a bit, enemy troops only appear when they are near or at a radar signal, I want to make them appear on the entire map.

    Ground Control 1 Multiplayer match 1vs1 - YouTube
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ground Control 1 - MapHack-gc001_128-jpg  

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