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    NHC BOT - Leveling Bot

    Hello All,

    I decided to update my old project of League of Legends Bot for power-leveling.

    I've been working last week on it and plan to release this weekend an initial release. The goal it's to have some of the features of the previous version and allow us to create smurfs or perform Daily Missions.

    Initial Features:
    - Full automated Auto Queuer
    - Account Management with internal Database
    - Summoner Rift Coop vs AI and Twisted Treeline Coop vs AI game play.
    - TeamFight Tactics mode.
    - Intelegent AI to avoid to get killed ingame and get nice results.
    - Custom Builds for different Champs.
    - No injection it's used, pixel search + click mouse for the ingame.
    - Configuration Tool
    - Auto Update mechanism
    - No Monthly fee (single fee)
    - Single Client (no multi client bot)
    - Can set the number of games to be played.
    - Can set till which level the bot plays.

    Planned Features:
    - Account Management over external Database.
    - Possibility to multiple bots queue up together.
    - Possibility to mix game modes, so not plays always the same game mode.
    - Intelegent skill learning and usage for ingame better farming.

    - 25€ Single license.

    NHC LoL

    Is this a multi-client bot? No, it controls a single League Client
    Does the bot does Injection? No, it does pixelsearch+mouse control to try avoid any bans
    Which game modes are allowed? Summoner Rift Coop vs AI and Twisted Treeline Coop vs AI and Teamfights Tactics
    What is the price? I plan to be a single payment of 25€.
    How many bots I can run? 1 per license.
    Which Regions and Language are supported? In principle all the ones available in the client. Twisted Treeline Game mode could be not available in all Servers.
    Can I use my PC while the bot plays? No, since the bot will control the mouse/keyboard during the ingame play, unless you are able to run it on a Virtual Machine.
    Where I can download? You can get from the website NHC LoL
    Is there any Trial? Yes it will be possible to use the bot for a trial period of 3 days.

    Patch Notes - Current Version 707
    Please check Discord for Patch Notes.

    Some game results from a User

    Join the Discord channel for more information

    Old Bot
    Since the old bot was a very long thread decided to create a new one.
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    Check my website https://NHCLOL.com

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