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    NHC BOT - Leveling Bot

    Hello All,

    - Currently the bot it's only available for buyers, you can purchase in website for now to join a closed Discord channel.

    Initial Features:
    - Full automated Auto Queuer
    - Account Management with internal Database
    - Summoner Rift Coop vs AI and Twisted Treeline Coop vs AI game play.
    - TeamFight Tactics mode.
    - Intelegent AI to avoid to get killed ingame and get nice results.
    - Custom Builds for different Champs.
    - No injection it's used, pixel search + click mouse for the ingame.
    - Configuration Tool
    - Auto Update mechanism
    - No Monthly fee (single fee)
    - Single Client (no multi client bot)
    - Can set the number of games to be played.
    - Can set till which level the bot plays.
    - Webpanel to monitor status of each bot and possibility to restart/stop.
    - Option to use central mySQL database for accs.
    - Bot creates summoner name and plays tutorial games.

    - 25€ = 1 slot/session forever. 5€/month for each slot/session extra.

    NHC LoL

    Is this a multi-client bot? No, it controls a single League Client
    Does the bot does Injection? No, it does pixelsearch+mouse control to try avoid any bans
    Which game modes are allowed? Summoner Rift Coop vs AI and Twisted Treeline Coop vs AI and Teamfights Tactics
    How many bots I can run? 1 per session/slot.
    Which Regions and Language are supported? In principle all the ones available in the client. Twisted Treeline Game mode could be not available in all Servers.
    Can I use my PC while the bot plays? No, since the bot will control the mouse/keyboard during the ingame play, unless you are able to run it on a Virtual Machine.
    Where I can download? You need to buy first and contact me
    Is there any Trial? Currently no trial.

    Some game results from a User

    example of the websession monitor

    Join the Discord channel for more information

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    Check my website https://NHCLOL.com

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