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    Let's talk Cho'gall!

    Lets Talk Cho'gall

    Along with millions of others I play MOBA's and I think Heroes of the Storm is a really fun game but I also think Dota 2 and League of Legends are really fun games. So when I sit down to play a MOBA I don't particularly have a reason to play Heroes of the Storm over another MOBA at the moment other than the fact that I play a ton of other Blizzard games. To draw me and the millions of others away from games like Dota 2 and League where we have spent ungodly amounts of money on RP is a hard thing to do. Cho'gall is the type of thing where people might stop in their tracks and say “Okay, hold on. These guys at Blizzard are doing some crazy things over there.” So what is so special about Cho'gall? Let's unpack him together.

    What is a Cho'gall?
    Cho'gall is a two headed ogre where you play as one of his two heads, Cho or Gall. Now you have to be playing with someone who is selecting the other half of Cho'gall you cannot just randomly choose Cho and sit in queue until you get somebody who has solo queued as Gall and fuse as one. When it comes to ranked queue this is even more important because you can only pick Cho'gall in a double pick. No first picking Cho and forcing a teammate into picking Gall.

    How does he work?
    Now one person (Cho) controls 100% of the movement for Cho'gall. They run around, have a couple of abilities, and the other person (Gall) controls a bunch of different spells. (Gall feels very similar to Abathur) The cool thing about this is that your spells kind of riff off of each other. Cho has an ability called Rune Bomb where Cho rolls a bomb dealing X damage to enemies in its path and gall can use an ability called Runic Blast to detonate it to deal X damage in an area. There is a bunch of stuff like this with Cho'Gall that plays back and forth like whenever Cho casts this Gall gets that and vice-versa. Some talents even do nothing but buff one of the other halves abilities such as “I AM Hurrying” which is a level 13 talent for Cho to increase Gall's “Hurry Up, Oaf!” ability. When I was playing Cho'Gall I felt a sense of irony because my friend and I couldn't stop shouting at each other the entire time which is exactly what Cho and Gall do in World of Warcraft. Coincidence? I think not!

    How do I get him?
    The other cool thing about Cho'gall is how you get him. If you went to Blizzcon or watched it on a virtual ticket you have Cho'gall. Congratulations. Now in order for the 99% of us who did not go to Blizzcon or pay to watch it we have to now win 2 games as Cho'gall with somebody who does own him. (This can be done in AI mode as well) So it feels like this weird spreading of a Cho'gall disease and if you went to Blizzcon you are patient 0 who got bit by the monkey. The person who owned Cho'gall can make a little gold off of this due to a quest they receive which gives them 2200 gold for winning 4 games with other players as Cho'gall. Blizzard also did a cool thing where if you have no friends (KappaRoss) you can watch the Heroes of the Storm Finals November 27th and connect your Twitch.tv account to your battle.net account to receive this new hero for free. But that is not all! If you have no friends and cannot watch the Heroes of the Storm Finals on the 27th you can buy Cho'gall from the store via in game gold or real money on November 28th.

    Not sold yet?
    Don't worry it gets better. Did I mention that when you play Cho'gall you hold your mount? Yes you heard that right.

    Also, your name is combined with the other person your playing him with. It's true. Cho'gall takes the first 3 letters from the Cho player and the last 4 from the Gall player and combines them. For example if I was playing as Cho with Smittens on Gall our name would be Ken'tens. This has lead to massive threads on forums of the funny Cho'gall names they have run into. One of the funnier ones was of a Cho named Assistant and a Gall named Whole. I'll let you put 2 and 2 together . (Just in case you can't click here) The best part about that one is that if you had the mature language filter on it censored the whole name so they walked around as "[email protected]#'$%^&".

    So what do you guys think of Cho'gall? Is he crazy enough for you? Let us know some of the weird name combinations you have seen in game.

    Need information on some stuff I said? Let me try covering it here.

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    I play HotS mostly only with my girlfriend. we usually choose heroes when we can stand together for a long time, because communication is just so easy with 2 person next to each other. But sometimes it's not always possible to be together. I play only to have fun with her, not really to win or lose. Winning is just a bonus^^.

    Cho'gall is just perfect for us. She controls, I damage, we're very happy about it And no one can say "Why are you two together, you should go to seperate lane".

    Not only it's fun for us because we are 100% together all time, but Cho'gall is actually one of the funniest hero to play in my opinion.

    By the way, for anyone wondering, as Gall, you CAN make your shadow ball (W key) do small or big steps, depending where your cursor is. It's 100 % possible to have 3 bounce on a single keep, if Cho is alligned correctly.
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