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    POGO Accounts For Sell. If A Account Get Banned 100% Money Back Guarantee


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    PayPal Price: 36.99$
    BitCoin Price: 25.89$

    PayPal Price: 24.99$
    BitCoin Price: 17.49$

    Hey! I am Brock365, thank you for devoting your time to read my service.
    On this page you can buy Account GO Pokemon (PTC) LVL 26 and LVL 21 in safe mode, all account here for sale has been leveled following actions and human time as well over as other security methods used for added the security of player in this banwave period.

    To ensure a first class service, is available the player protection in the circumstance of permanent ban until 30 days of purchase, you can check and read all the terms at the bottom of this page, in addition to this I offer my availability for any problem or customized request via Skype to Brock365 - GMT -08:00.

    Security Account
    Here below you can see which behaviors I have adopted while leveling account trying to provide maximum security to the players.

    Some modes followed:

    1. Created with verified email and Username consists of internation person unique name of gender male and female (no riskier names consist of many letters without meaning).
    2. Connected to a geo-dedicated IP address, maximum 1 unique IP Associate per account.
    3. Leveled between a speed of 4km / 8km, a few hours at day, the time it takes to level the account has been most than 24-26 days (maximum than 3-4 hours at day).
    4. They have been used only human actions such as human walking and fake "non-capturing" Pokemon (has never been used teleportation and snipping mode), all with much less time to react of the limits of the normal player.
    5. Used for each account only unique coordinates (taken at random from Google Maps, not copied from the online public lists, for increased account security)
    6. Used for each account different ID and device name (generated via a tool and pasted manually)
    Account Information
    All these data were taken from some account samples (there is no guarantee that the account has bought the precise characteristics listed, may be less or greater but very much like (all unfortunately is very random during leveling):

    Character Level: 26
    Pokemon: many CP 1000+ and sometimes 2000+ even without upgrades
    Stardust: 400000-500000
    Candies: thousands and hundreds (none used)
    Pokédex: 90-130
    Caught Pokémon: 130-230
    Used Time: 24-26 days
    Max Hours played at single day: 3-4 hours
    Team: none
    Character Name: none

    Character Level: 21
    Pokemon: CP 1000+ and a few times after evolution 2000+
    Stardust: 100000-150000
    Candies: hundreds (none used)
    Pokédex: 75-100
    Caught Pokémon: 75-160
    Used Time: 14-16 days
    Max Hours played at single day: 3-4 hours
    Team: none
    Character Name: none

    Custom Account
    If you have the need to have specific Pokemon, we can check the availability in our whole stock and if it was available what you are looking, we can sell at you for only $ 10 with extra payment. Contact us on Skype (Brock365) if you are interested.

    Guarantee of Account
    These accounts unlike many present on sale online, we have been used security procedures to limit the imaginable, the time used for level was greater than the simple "new" player, for that we offer a guarantee of up to 30 days with an account security by 99%. (1% was set as the risk of unforeseen situations).


    1) 7 days of purchase: full refund of money in the your payment method used in the case of permanent account ban
    2) from 7 days to 30 days of purchase: replacement account with not one but two accounts (replacement with two accounts will be made only once in the event of a permanent ban for each purchase, in exceptional cases, for example, for purchase of accounts multiple will be carried out only with our decision depending on the situation the total or partial reimbursement of money). If as replacing with 2 account is not possible for our technical problems, will be made a full refund of the money in the your payment method used.

    After buying
    Once you purchase you will receive if you do not immediately after a very short time an email with "username and password".
    It's recommended after purchase, log on using the received data with its own IP address of the house to the site: Pokemon Trainer Club

    Currently it's not possible to change the password for Maintenance of Pokemon Trailer Club Website, when you can change this, using this free tool for get the best complicated password: Password Generator

    If your pokemon account has problems of login, check in real-time the status of servers of Pokemon Trainer Club:
    - Down Detector
    - MmoServerStatus
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