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    (Auto Buy) (Non hacked/botted/sniped) Level 23 (SD 7/22/16) BitCoins only $11

    Hey guys! I never used any bots or third party apps with this account. The start date was 7/22/16. If you want to see screenshots for proof contact me on skype at Twdfrog I would be more than happy to send you screenshots.

    This account features:
    Hand Made Account (No bots or third party apps)
    This account has tons of pokemon
    This account comes with 170k+ stardust
    This account is level 23
    This account is team Mystic
    This account comes with many rare pokemon

    Pokemon over 1k CP:
    Arcanine: 1730 CP
    Exegutor: 1599 CP
    Dragonite: 1585 CP
    Magmar: 1342 CP
    Nidoqueen: 1271 CP
    Gyrados: 1182 CP
    Pinsir: 1164 CP
    Golbat: 1140 CP
    Blastoise: 1120 CP
    Clefable 1098 CP
    Golem: 1096 CP
    Pidgeot: 1086 CP
    Machoke: 1048 CP
    Slowbro: 1025 CP
    Nidoking: 1014 CP

    This account also comes with a bunch more pokemon and tons of candy for alot of them.

    *Disclaimer I cannot/will not be held liable for whatever you do with the account after the purchase. Don't use a bunch of hacks, get banned, then come crying to me saying i'm a scammer. Be smart about what you do. You know very well that if you decide to use hacks with this account after you purchase it that there is a risk involved. This account is currently 100% legit and I hope it stays that way

    If you would like screenshots, or more info my skype is Twdfrog I would be more than happy to help you or send you screenshots of the account.

    This is a gmail account and you may change the pass after purchase. To avoid confusion, you will get the account like this:


    Selly - (Hand Made) Pokemon GO Account (Level 23) (Start Date 7/22/16)

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