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    Lvl 50| 42 hundo legends,myth |347mil dust|3177shiny|630shundo|ptc

    🔥INSANE, super stacked level 50 acc for sale🔥
    Login: PTC
    Total XP: 815,151,549
    Team: Valor (Can change with medallion)
    Namechange: Can change
    Stardust: 347,808,964
    Pokemon's caught: 698,091
    A LOT of high cp and iv pokemons
    Maxed out pokemons (lvl50): 73!
    Perfect IV's (hundos): 1011
    100iv Legendary,Mythical and ultra beasts: 42 ( 7Mewtwo, 8Articuno, 1 Zapdos, 2Raikou, 1 Entei, 1 Ho-Oh, 1 Regirock, 1 Regice, 1 Kyogre, 1 Groudon, 4 Rayquaza, 2 Uxie, 2 Regigigas, 1 Girarina, 2 Darkrai, 1 Cobalion, 1 Terrakion, 1 Virizion, 1 Thundurus, 1 Kyurem, 1 Xerneas, 1 Melmetal)
    Shundo legendary: 3 ( Mewtwo, Regice and Giratina)
    Legendary: 1174
    Mythical: 65
    Ultra beasts: 25
    Amount of Shiny's: 3177
    Shundo pokemons (shiny 100iv): 630
    Shiny Pokemons with Costumes: 178
    Shiny Legendary/mythical/ultra beasts: 155
    Hatched shiny's: 74
    Shadow pokemons: 984
    Shiny shadow's: 608
    Shiny Pokemons with location card: 1 (Rayquaza London BG Tradeable)
    Great pvpers for Great League, UL and ML
    Shadow pokemons with 100iv: 134
    Shadow legendaries: 75
    Pokemons with 3 skills unlocked: 216
    Great pvpers for Great League, UL and ML
    A lot of mega/primal candy for Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza
    Poses: Gladion pose, a lot of time research poses and purchased ones (see photos)
    Platinum medals: 47
    Pokemon GO fest medals from 2020, 2021, 2023, also got medals from other special events
    Account got shiny Mew and shiny Celebi
    Got 3 Mewtwo with armor (2 tradeable)
    Pokemon storage: 5500
    Item space: 5000
    There is 242 premium raid passes in inventory, 1416 rare candy, 842 ultra balls and 255 great balls.
    Also got 2 Master balls
    The account is super stacked with Stardust, hundo legendaries, Shundos, hundos and great pvpers. Truly an amazing account!
    If you want any additional pictures or info sent to you, just ask me in message!

    pic :

    Price: 160$

    Payment method accepted: Paypal Friends&Fam or wise or crypto

    discord : latniteborder

    Contact me here on discord if you are interested or got any questions. I usually reply fast unless I am asleep!

    Lvl 50| 42 hundo legends,myth |347mil dust|3177shiny|630shundo|ptc

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