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    pr3ciousgt2013 Scam Report (Impostor)

    Accused Information

    Dispute Date: November 16, 2022
    Ownedcore Profile Link/User Name: Site not installed - OVHcloud
    Instant Messenger username of Accused: pr3ciousgt2013's Skype: pr3ciousgt2013 Discord: pr3ciousgt2013#2680
    NS's Discord: SupremeW#3194
    Payment Method Information: No payment was done I was scammed. My account was supposed to be sold for $4000.00 USD.

    Dispute Information

    What is the dispute about? This dispute is about a Pokemon Go account that was stolen from me by pr3ciousgt2013 and his friend NS/SupremeW/WTMaestro1.
    Dispute Thread Link: This is the first one.
    Other Sites Scam Link: This user SupremeW/NS/WTMaestro1/Yeonru also claimed that this was his account on the forum "EpicNPC" (Proof provided in imgur below)
    Value of Trade Involved: $4000.00USD
    Did you use a middleman?: If yes, who?: Yes the middleman was p3ciousgt2013 himself. He as the middleman of a transaction scammed me.
    Provide more information on what leads to the dispute: On 11/04/2022 SupremeW/Ns/WTMaestro1 messaged me on discord in DMS asking if I was selling my pokemon go account as he had seen me posting pictures of pokemon I was bragging in their #brag channel. At first I was reluctant and disregarded it and rarely responded to the user(The conversation went on for a couple days in between us responding to each other and me not really pursing the sale). Eventually we came to this morning where he was pushing for me to sell the account and he offered me $4000.00 USD which made me budge as it is a shit ton of money. I asked him how the transaction would take place and eventually he sent me 2 different middlemans from this forum. I chose pr3ciousgt2013 as he had the better feedback on his profile. I then changed my pogo account email and made a fresh gmail so I would be able to sell it and not have to worry about giving them access to my personal gmail. He then said he needs my discord ID + paypal email to open a middleman request. He did so and claimed he paid a 400.01 EURO middleman fee in order to proceed with the transaction. I had my doubts that this was a scam but I continued with the deal. I added the user on skype to confirm it was the same skype as the one in his mm service offering thread. He then got the buyer (NS) to get skype. He then added us to a groupchat and he had me send pictures of the account to ensure it was the right one. He then told us how the deal was going to work (I would send account info to him, and the buyer would send the money to him). So I sent him my account info and he then asked me to send videos of me logging out of the account. I did so and then he removed me from the skype groupchat and they both proceeded to block me on discord and skype.


    All Required Proof stated must be provided or your claim would be deemed as invalid.
    Instant Messenger Profile Screenshot: - The link contains all the conversations and profile screenshots of both users socials.
    Entire Conversation Screenshots:
    Paypal Detailed Payment Screenshot: No payment transactions were made.
    *Conversation Screenshots should contain the payment information involved if any*

    Additional Information related to the Trade Dispute

    Include any other information that may be helpful to the Trade Dispute.


    Do not post in a Dispute Thread unless you are directly involved in it or you are providing any relevant/helpful information to the Dispute Thread that is deemed necessary by the Trade Staff.

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    Hi hunchofrm416,

    Where did you get Pr3cious' discord? Because as far as I'm aware, Pr3cious only uses Skype. His/her Skypes are: liver3ciousgold and pr3cious-support. Anything other than these two Skype IDs are impostors.

    Another thing to note is that buyers/sellers are always encouraged to confirm through private messaging on the forums before any money/account is exchanged to ensure you are dealing with the right person. Anyone can claim to be another user but the only way to confirm is by actually sending that user a message on the forums and having him reply back to you.

    With that being said, it looks like you were scammed by an impostor which happens often with big sellers.

    Sorry for you loss, but please try to be more cautious in future when conducting trades on the forum.

    โœ… DISCORD: D3Boost#2193 โœ… SKYPE: d3pleveling โœ…

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