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    Scammer FirefoxBoosting

    Accused Information

    Dispute Date: July 14, 2022
    Ownedcore Profile Link/User Name: FirefoxBoosting
    Instant Messenger username of Accused: Discord Arenas#9041
    Payment Method Information: Paypal [email protected]

    Dispute Information

    What is the dispute about?: Purchase of software/exploit
    Dispute Thread Link: World OF Warcraft LFG Bot, Advertise your company the right way.
    Value of Trade Involved: 250 USD
    Did you use a middleman?: No
    Provide more information on what leads to the dispute: FirefoxBoosting advertises a "WoW LFG Bot" in his thread which he claims avoids being banned by using some exploit. This is literally what the thread OP says: "It's a system and a macro". FirefoxBoosting insisted on us paying with PayPal as friends and family because he was wary of chargeback. As it turned out, a chargeback for non-delivered product would be very appropriate. There is no "bot", there is no "macro system", there is no even a secret exploit which goes beyond what is publicly stated in the OP. For $250 we got a BS pdf guide with ridiculous common knowledge such as "don't use trigger words such as boost, buy, wts and this will help you to avoid drawing too much attention from regular players". This "guide with tips and tricks" as FirefoxBoosting put it isn't worth $250, it's worth nothing. We demand a full refund for this misleading advertising.


    1. Screenshots of entire conversation on Discord: Discord, this includes screenshot of his thread
    2. Screenshots of payment via PayPal: PayPal First payment of $265 from the business account was rejected by the seller because it was paid as goods & services, 2nd one of $250 was sent from a personal account as friends & family.
    3. Will upload the "guide" if necessary.
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