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    Wrath Classic Updates

    Wrath Classic Pre-Patch starts today and with it we have some updates that are coming to the game.

    WoWHead datamined the possible Deluxe Edition for Wrath Classic which includes similar things to the TBC Deluxe Edition. A mount that seems to be a glider, a pet that seems to be a penguin, a level boost (in this case level 70), and what seems to be a cosmetic toy that summons a Tuskarr angler by your side. We do not know the price of this yet but chances are it will be $40-$60 USD.

    Wrath Fresh starts today with Pre-Patch and the servers have been announced. Originally the announcement showed just 1 server per region EU and US and they were PvP. Due to instant backlash they decided to add a second server to each region that is PvE. This is controversial because there is a lot of debate about if fresh servers will even last or if they will die off quick. The more servers you have the more split the community, which is small already for fresh, will be. Servers are:

    • Skyfury PVP NA

    • Maladath PVE NA

    • Thekal PVP EU

    • Giantstalker PVE EU

    The Classic Community Council did a talk about some more possible changes coming to Wrath Classic. One big one is the possible nerf to the item level of ICC and ToC. They say it is to keep Ulduar relevant while ICC and TOC are out. This is an interesting change and has created a big debate. On one end they want players to play the expansion not the patch which is a great angle to look at the game through and something retail has lost entirely. ICC has a massive iLVL increase and almost every slot is an upgrade to what you had from Ulduar. The issue is its not every piece. Yogg 0 light items, Valanyr Legendary Mace, and Algalon trinkets will all be items you will be forced to go back for if the iLVL is nerfed in ICC due to there not being as clear of upgrades anymore. This seems fine in theory but ICC and Ulduar are huge raids and trying to get your guild raiding both every week could easily result in massive burnout. Ulduar will not die just because ICC is out the same reason SSC/TK/Gruul have not died during SWP. People have alts, casuals are behind, and there are many of these raids still going on. Right now many guilds over the summer have had to do BT skip runs to finish their guild rogue or warriors second glaive which if you asked them the majority probably didn't want to be in there. So it's a give and take and personally I don't think they should touch it.

    Wintergrasp will officially be a queued battleground just like other BGs. Due to the massive faction imbalances everybody wondered what they would do with Wintergrasp since it is such a huge part of the game but requires both factions to sort of participate. This means multiple instances of Wintergrasp will now be running at the same time and will be cross-server. VoA in turn will be open 24/7 with the requirement that one person needs to win Wintergrasp for a faction on a server for it to be opened to the whole faction on that server. It was never going to be pretty or authentic with what they would have to do with Wintergrasp given the current situation.

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