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    Dragonflight Coming Out in 2022 and HUGE changes to Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

    "*World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight will be available on or before December 31, 2022."

    The expansion can be pre-ordered HERE. Three editions per usual the Base, Heroic, and Epic. The Base comes with just the game and pet. The Heroic adds a level 60 character boost, a flying mount, and a second pet. The Epic comes with a Hearthstone effect, transmog helmet, wings back-slot transmog, and 30 days of game time. There is the fourth option of physical collectors as well which includes pins, a mousepad, art, and more.

    Also in WoW news there has been a change of view console command added in patch 9.2.5 that seems to have gone overlooked. If you like a more customized PoV of your character and want something a bit more zoomed out it seems this could be a great tool to mess around with.
    console cvar is "camerafov" or /console camerafov ##

    Wrath of the Lich King Classic just got some pretty big news as well. For starters we have the new group finder UI which is pretty much the retail version. With the drama surrounding LFD vs no LFD it is nice to see we will at least have a good looking in game function to use until they do inevitably decide to add LFD. I am sure people will make a Weak Aura or Addon to show iLvL of people signed up right out the gate.

    • New Look, Modern Code: We’ve rebuilt the UI to be easier to read and more inviting than it was in Burning Crusade Classic. Behind the scenes, we’re using our modern Group Finder code, ensuring stability and performance.

    • Roles: We’re introducing roles into the UI in Wrath Classic. Partial groups can broadcast which slots they have open, and individuals can specify whether they’re willing to tank, heal, deal damage, or do multiple of the above. Roles are intended to expedite communication – not stifle gameplay creativity – so for the moment we’re keeping all roles open to all classes.

    • Solo Listings and Multiple Activities: We envision this Group Finder as a “bulletin board” where players can list activities they want to do and discover others who want to do the same. To that end, we’re supporting listings from both solo individuals and partially filled groups. And if you can’t decide which dungeon you want to run, that’s okay! You can list yourself for more than one.

    • Request Invite and Suggest Invite: To smooth out group formation, we’re adding Request Invite and Suggest Invite features. Just remember: a quick “Hey there” is always preferred over a silent and sudden ninja-invite!

    • The Single Source for Your Group Finding Needs: We’re aiming for this Group Finding UI to be a one-stop shop for all your group-finding needs. To that end, we’re reviving an old rule from the original Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King: sending messages in the Looking for Group chat channel will require being listed in the UI.
    Another big change coming to Classic Wrath is the attempt to remove mage boosting similar to how they did in Season of Mastery. In this post they mention how they will be tackling the boosting issue in Classic WoW. Some changes will include

    • Making it significantly more difficult to snare and kite enemies

    • Implementing a reduction to group XP earned when there is a large disparity between player levels in the same group

    The first is what they did in SoM and what this means is they look at the most common dungeons that people boost in and make it so mages blizzard and slow spells/snares no longer work on a lot of the mobs that are involved in common boosts. The second fix is to probably tackle Paladin's boosting SM and Strat because Paladin's don't require the use of kiting as they tank all the mobs to the face that they do in boosts but in all the common boosts Paladin's are involved in the level disparity is huge. Meaning a level 70 booster is boosting a bunch of 35's or 55's. This might not fix Paladin Slave Pen Boosts as the level disparity won't be that big nor do they need to kite but even so this solves 90% of the issue. Most RMT mage boosters are doing these kites in greens where as a Paladin requires a lot more work and time put into the character before it is able to face tank an entire dungeon to boost. So if one is banned it is a long way away from being back into the boosting business unlike a mage who can just hit 70 in greens and begin boosting again on a new account.

    Lastly we have something to help fresh players and that is the Joyous Journeys Summer XP Buff Event.
    In the coming weeks, we will implement a global buff that we’re calling “Joyous Journeys”. During the time this buff is active, all sources of experience points will award 50% additional XP.
    They continue to mention that this buff will last for 6-8 weeks and persist through Wrath Pre-Patch until the launch of Wrath. So once this buff goes live you can assume Wrath is 6-8 weeks from coming out. My guess is Wrath comes early September especially with this recent Dragonflight release news. Either way if you have alts you wan't to get to 70 get your mage boosts in now before they're gone or get used to questing but with 50% increased XP!

    Dragonflight Coming Out in 2022 and HUGE changes to Wrath of the Lich King Classic!
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