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    Dragonflight's Best Additions <Sponsored by FunPay>

    It's pretty clear Blizzard are trying to revitalize WoW's core systems in Dragonflight with the new talent system, new profession system, and bringing in the infamous Dragon Isles as the core of the expansion. The reaction from the community seems to be hopeful once again for WoW's future seeing Blizzard tackle what is now outdated instead of slamming us with a random new system while the old ones we fell in love with rot. But beyond these awesome changes are some even better but not as well known additions coming to Dragonflight.


    There will be no mission table in Dragonflight. This was confirmed in the Twitter Space interview by Taliesin and Evital. The first time we saw the mission table was back in Warlords of Draenor and it came with some backlash. Instead of going out and doing quests yourself you were instead playing a weird mobile-style game in WoW where you sent followers out to do this for you. Some bright sides, at least back in WoD, were finding and gathering these quest goers throughout the new world was more fun an exciting than recent expansions. On top of this the mission table of WoD went down as one of the most ridiculous ways to make gold of all time and many people had multiple garrison alts running just to rake in the profits on a daily basis. I'm sure many of them still have that gold they made today.

    Nonetheless over the expansions the mission table became dry and stale to the point that it just felt like it was there simply because it was developed and they had to use it. The gold making dwindled, the ways you gathered followers became boring, and it became a chore nobody wanted to do with rewards that just didn't matter for most players. Finally in Dragonflight we can say goodbye to the infamous mission table and pray it never returns.

    Mages, Priests, and Rogues can be any race in WoW. If you're a fan of RMP in Arena or just happen to play one of these 3 core but outstanding classes then you'll be happy to know you will not be limited on race choices anymore. Every single race in World of Warcraft can now play Mage, Rogue, or Priest. The only two other classes in this club are Death Knight, with its recent addition to Panda's, and Warriors. A lot of fun will be had in stealth while playing a Tauren Rogue and many Horde raiders might consider Tauren Mage for their critical damage amplifier that only Dwarves had before. Not to mention giving mages and priests an AOE stun for arena?! Seems like Tauren might be back on the menu.

    Nearly everything will be account-wide. This is a change the community as a whole has been begging for and it will soon be delivered. Having much of the grind account-wide makes alt-friendliness at an all time high. The linear story you go through for the first time will be optional on second, third, and beyond characters. Dragon Riding will also be account-wide meaning all traits and talents you earn for Dragon Riding on one character will automatically be learned on others. Many newer MMO's have this feature so it is a great "we're trying to make WoW feel modern" addition to the game.

    Squares are active abilities. Circles are passive effects. Octagons are choice nodes, where you get to pick one of multiple options in that talent node. When looking at the new talent system it is clear they saw the benefits of their old ways but it was hard to decipher exactly what we saw without being able to mouse over each individual spot. With this knowledge of squares, circles, and octagons it makes breaking down what we will actually be getting within these new talent trees much more clear. Some notable things I see are dispels and crowd control spells being optional.

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    Yes, they will be recorded.
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