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    Zul'Aman This Week <Sponsored by FunPay>

    We have a date! Phase 4 is coming out in TBC Classic on Tuesday/Wednesday depending if you're EU or NA. Zul'Aman the raid itself will have a global release on Thursday. So what comes with Phase 4? Let's break it down.

    First and foremost the raid Zul'Aman itself is a great catch up and filler raid for those who play casually or want to get alts more involved but don't want to grog through each tier to get gear. ZA has a ton of gearing options that rival some of the bis pieces from SSC, TK, Hyjal, and even Black Temple. Due to this you can go from zero to hero in record time. On top of the raid itself are the new Badge of Justice vendor items. Some of the new Badge of Justice items are actually best in slot depending on your class/spec and 2nd/3rd BIS for many others so once again great for catching up. You can take a look at all new Badge items here. Speaking of Badge of Justice, the currency itself drops from all raid bosses now and 3 each from Zul'Aman bosses. This means getting them won't require you to step foot into a single heroic dungeon which these days can be hard to fill for even on some of the mega servers. Now if you do a raid world tour, besides BT/Hyjal, you can get over 100 badges without doing a single dungeon! One last catch up mechanic is world boss loot and primal nether/nether vortex are all BoE now. This means if you have the gold there should be some great catch up gear opportunities for you on the auction house come Tuesday.

    Besides being a super alt friendly catch up phase in TBC Classic, Zul'Aman means two additional things. Firstly, take a last look at Orgrimmar and Stormwind before it is completely filled with Amani Bear mounts. Zul'Aman bear runs are going to be common place with how easy the content is therefore a lot of players will be upgrading their old Classic WoW ground mounts to new bears. Lastly, this patch signifies the end of TBC is near. Due to this being a filler patch you can safely guess that Sunwell, the last phase of TBC, should be out only a few months after. My guess is probably late May or early June. Putting TBC right around the 1 year cycle mark and this allows them to get Wrath of the Lich King out by August/September and do beta over the summer.

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