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    10.0 Announcement Soon! <Sponsored by FunPay>

    It looks like 10.0 is coming sooner than we think. Or at least its announcement. Warcraft tweeted today that the new expansion will be announced on April 19th which is just a tad over a month away. This to many seems like interesting timing as 9.2 was just released on February 22nd with Mythic raiding still not out until March 8th/9th. One would think they would want to milk the new patch hype while its fresh and new especially with the world first race, one of the biggest WoW Esport events, about to go down., At the same time 9.2 has had mix reviews. The raid seems to be well designed besides the trash count people have been complaining about but outside of the raid there isn't much to get excited for.

    Speaking of Race to World First. One of the more exciting competitive moments in WoW is coming. Which guild will take down the infamous Jailer and rid him from Warcraft's lore once and fore all. Joking aside I am personally excited to watch the RWF as it really shows off some of the best micro and meta play WoW players have to offer. I do wish there was a global release like many but nonetheless it still stays competitive. Personally I have my marbles on Echo with a repeat #1 . Last tier they looked much sharper than Limit and personally I think they will take it by a landslide.

    Last bit of news was Zul'Aman hit the TBC Classic PTR last week. This usually signifies it will come to the main game in about 4 weeks time. Zul'Aman is similar to Zul'Gurub in that it serves as a great catch up raid for alts and new players alike. If you have interest in Wrath but didn't dabble in TBC the ZA patch would be a great time to get your character out of those quest greens and ready to do some Northrend content on release with ease. It is 10 man content with only a 4 day reset so obtaining gear will be swift and easy. It is also extremely tuned down compared to normal 25 man raids. Lastly there's the iconic Amani War Bear before it got recolored in future expansions.

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    Does the Backend Developer Need to Know Linux in Order to Gain Freelance Backend Developer Jobs?
    If you are working on a web application that runs in a browser, you don't have to know much about Linux administration, but chances are there will be some configuration (setting up virtual hosts) that needs to be done on the server. So some knowledge of Linux administration is useful but not essential.
    For most backend developer jobs, you don't need to know much about Linux beyond installing software packages using apt-get or yum and editing config files like httpd.conf or my.ini.
    You must have a good hold over the command line because you will run git commands at the command line and install pip packages. You will also be using your IDE from the command line and deploying applications to staging and production systems using scripts that you run from the command line.
    If you are not used to working at the command line, it can be an intimidating experience. But it's one of those skills which improves with practice and once you get past the initial "I'm not used to this" stage, you'll find that being comfortable with the shell is actually quite useful.
    The biggest thing that you need to know about backend developer jobs is how to avoid the obvious security pitfalls, especially if you are working with sensitive data. If you work with AWS, it's good to know how to set up security groups and IAM roles,
    There are some basic things you need to know just to get going
    How to navigate the filesystem
    How to edit files (I recommend nano for beginners)
    How to perform basic file operations such as cat, rm, cp, mkdir, rmdir
    How to operate with environment variables (PATH and friends)
    How to download files using curl or wget
    How to install software using your distro's package manager

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