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    Classic WoW: Season of Mastery News

    If you haven't been in the loop as far as Classic WoW news the Season of Mastery is a new fresh Classic WoW. There are some changes coming such as BC experience rates, more health to bosses, and much more. You can find out more details on these changes in a former article I wrote called "The Curious Case of Classic Fresh" . Since then we have not got much news on Classic WoW's Season of Mastery until recently some things were dug up in the PTR build by reddit user terabyte06.

    Hardcore Recognition

    It's not confirmed but it seems very likely that the community made Hardcore mode might be getting some recognition. Hardcore is a community that plays Classic WoW a little bit different. They level to 60 without dying with restrictions in place. This task has been completed by around 200 members since the community has existed about 2 years ago. Some restrictions include no auction house and no trading. Due to these restrictions your forced to level your own professions with only your materials. Similarly you can only wear gear you've found. It creates for an atmosphere that makes things that normally are overlooked in a min-max gaming society viable again. Such as creating your own weapon through blacksmithing as a warrior, leveling cooking early for good food buffs while you level, even alchemist potions such as LIP's and FAP's can save you in a time of need. Hardcore is a completely different way of looking at World of Warcraft. But it's being taken a step further.

    Road to Ragnaros. In the video above you can watch a trailer for this event but essentially the hardcore community is trying to gather up as many people as possible to down Ragnaros without ever dying. This means not only hitting 60 without a single death but getting your pre-bis, consumes, and preparation all done through the same restrictions listed above without dying. Maybe you don't build so damage heavy as a DPS and put on some fire res gear, maybe the dude who got the only flask of distilled wisdom pattern died farming another item in UD Strat, the possibilities for failure are endless yet this community is determined and Blizzard has taken note.

    There are some new spells in the SoM PTR build called:

    • Soul of Iron

    • Survivor of Flames

    • Never Known Defeat

    According to terabyte06 Soul of Iron has ties to both Survivor of Flames and Never Known Defeat. Survivor of Flames uses an icon called "achievement_boss_ragnaros." There is also an entry in the criteria called "Has Died" which triggers when you die anywhere in the game. Before the hardcore community mandated an addon plus recording all of your gameplay for verification but it seems Blizzard might be adding in some verification in game that people can use. Survivor of Flames being an achievement might just be something they add for killing Ragnaros but it could also mean its an achievement strictly dedicated to the people attempting to kill Rag on hardcore being so closely tied to Never Known Defeat and Soul of Iron.

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