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    Diablo 2 Resurrected Launch Week

    After a shaky Blizzard launch Diablo 2 Resurrected is in full force this week with people across the globe getting a taste of their beloved old ARPG friend. For the people who took time off for the launch severe disappointment was had and for the competitive players a realization that the ladder not being out on launch was in fact the best move for Blizzard even if it was for all the wrong reasons. The first 48 hours of launch were met with characters being stuck, servers going down, and everything under the sun just seemingly broken. Yet we all kept spamming to get in because what lied ahead was actually a very well made remake of a game that changed gaming permanently. Even some old tricks were used on some of the newer folks who were just cashing in on the hype.

    Speaking of newer players there has been some great resources for both beginner and intermediate players that need some help remembering build strengths, general guides, and more. There is a massive resource link including cheat sheets, trading, video guides, and even calculators on Reddit. Just click HERE Want to learn more about endgame details? There is also a guide for that just click HERE . Not enough for you? Check out this gigantic guide by reddit user Billymays1864 But that's not all. You can use Diablo2.io for searchable, filterable, and sortable database for all D2 Resurrected with an integrated trading market! Who said we didn't want an auction house?!

    What makes Diablo 2 great is also the content. Streamers both new and experienced have been dabbling in the dark arts of Diablo 2 and with it has come some hilarious moments.

    Clip 1: When the roll backs are strong on launch day

    Clip 2: When you are a zoomed in purist

    Clip 3: The first hardcore death of many

    Carbot Animations even made this great animated parody

    Content doesn't just come from the entertainers but also the developers. According to a gamespot.com article new runewords, items and more could be in the cards. Some people are saying this is twisting the developers words in the interview but nonetheless it gets the fans hype! Similar to Classic WoW fans wanting Classic + , Diablo 2 fans want Diablo 2 Resurrected + .

    All in all I think we can all say D2 Resurrected has been a breathe of fresh air from Blizzard. Sure its launch was worse than Warlords of Draenor but the juice was worth the squeeze at the end of the day. This game has so many people falling in love with the older style of ARPG's. A 21 year old game is reclaiming the hearts of Blizzard loyalists after a rough patch in the company the last few years. One can only hope that the success of their older games such as D2 Resurrected and even Classic WoW gives Blizzard an idea of what their community wants from them. To the one true king.

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