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    OwnedCore Report #135 - Blizzcon Next Week!!!

    Long time no see fellow Ownedcorenians. We have a lot to catch up on but even more to look forward to. A lot has happened in the last month on Azeroth and in some other Blizzard titles you might have heard of. Any Hearthstoners out there? Either way lets do a break down of what I found to be the most important news in the Activision-Blizzard Umbrella these last few weeks.

    Blizzcon 2021

    Sorry for the massive pictures above but it had to be done. This is the first and will almost definitely be the last time that I can screenshot the full days of Blizzcon due to them being so short. Blizzcon this year is a total of roughly 7 and a half hours. This does make sense as it is a virtual Blizzcon this year due to the worldwide pandemic going on but it feels bad that it will be over before we realized it even truly began. Let's go over some of the more notable things in these pictures above and talk about what we can expect to see.

    World of Warcraft
    Starts off with 30 minutes of "What's Next" which will most definitely give us a sneak peak at 9.1, Shadowlands next patch, and possibly do some super deep hints at lore further beyond. There has also been patch notes regarding 9.0.5 already so were pretty much approaching the half way point of this patch right now and with that in mind I would assume 9.1 will be early April. Also in the What's Next area might be the anticipated TBC Classic announcement. This is such a wild card topic for me because we know it's coming but how much will they let us know about it at this Blizzcon? You would be surprised to know that there are a ton of questions that need answering when it comes to how they will roll out TBC. Copy characters over to TBC only realms? Servers all turn into TBC servers? What about fresh? Gold Caps? Leveling Blood Elf and Draenei early for convenience? People need answers!

    Speaking of answers the WoW Q&A is the forefront of Saturdays events and being only 1 hour I can't fathom they are going to answer both TBC and Retail stuff so maybe well get TBC Q&A later on and a retail Q&A at Blizzcon.

    Everything Else
    Blizzard quarterly report made it known that Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 will not be coming out in 2021 so I would expect almost nothing of note to come from these titles at Blizzcon. Unless you're into Overwatch esports or Diablo 3 still then sadly I don't think there will be much here for you as far as new content. Hearthstone on the other hand just announced Hearthstone Classic so I assume well get more details on that at Blizzcon as well.

    Hearthstone Classic

    I think we can all agree Hearthstone's best days are behind it and when Blizzard games are on their last breathe what do they do??? Classic. A flash from the past of when things were going well until you realize it's to simple for modern gaming standards. It seems this is what is about to go down in Hearthstone. They are introducing a Core Set of 235 cards that will be free for all players. This core set will be replacing the Basic and Classic in Standard and is aimed to provide new players with a massive collection of starting cards to dabble with before they blow their next paycheck realizing they are hard stuck rank 10. Here's a break down of the Core Set

    Core Set Breakdown:

    [list]88 cards returning from Classic (54 class cards, 34 neutral cards). [list]
    [list]54 cards returning from Basic (41 class cards, 13 neutral cards). [list]
    [list]55 cards returning from Wild (36 class cards, 19 neutral cards). [list]
    [list]4 cards returning from Ashes of Outland (4 Demon Hunter Class cards). [list]
    [list]4 cards returning from Demon Hunter Initiate. [list]
    [list]1 card returning from Hall of Fame (Shadowform). [list]
    [list]29 new cards (20 Class cards, 9 Neutral cards). [list]

    Like the Basic Set, you’ll earn Core Set cards by leveling up each class. All Core Set class cards are rewarded between levels 1-10 for each class, and Neutral Core Set cards will unlock based the sum of all your class levels combined, up to the combined level of 60. Golden versions of Core Set cards can be unlocked by completing Achievements associated with winning games as each class.

    When you log in after rotation, you’ll automatically be granted the new Core Set cards equal to your current level for each class!*

    Unlike how Basic and Classic functioned previously, the Core Set will be refreshed each year. At the end of every (Hearthstone) year, a new Core Set will take the place of the previous, comprised of new and existing cards. When that happens, the Core Set cards that are rotating will be swapped with new ones in your Collection automatically.
    On top of this they are adding Classic Format which would be the original 240 cards as the only playable cards in that ladder.

    When logging in after our patch for the next expansion (before expansion content unlocks), your entire collection of Basic, Classic, and relevant Hall of Fame cards will be mirrored and available for deck building in the Classic format—as they were in the patch of June 2014 (after we made a few important changes), with any and all balance changes since then reverted. Yes, in the Classic format Warsong Commander can give minions Charge, Holy
    Smite can go face, and Leeroy Jenkins will cost 4 mana! If you want to relive the old-school Hearthstone experience, Classic will be the place for you!
    All in all I think this is a great move for Hearthstone. I personally don't even have it installed but will try putting together the old Handlock deck from back in the day and I assume many others are in the same boat. It might be short lived but lived nonetheless.

    Valor Points in 2021

    If you play Shadowlands at any level above complete casual right now you will be familiar with the debacle of gearing in PvE vs gearing in PvP. The argument from PvE players is that PvP players have it easy to gear because you can be mythic level geared by "simply" hitting 2100 in any ranked bracket including RBG's. Being 2100 right now allows you to not only choose a 226 piece of gear out of your weekly cache but also upgrade any other conquest bought gear to 226. Conquest is time gated and so is weekly gear so yes these pieces are strong and the equivalent of Mythic raiding armor but they are both time gated so PvP only players still tended to be further behind in total iLvL even though they had more accessible high end iLvL gear. PvP'ers saw that they were behind in ilvl compared to pve'ers on average and told them to basically stop complaining. But what neither realized is they both had very valid points. It was kind of dumb for pvp to offer 233 weapons at 2400 but you have to kill the last Mythic raid boss to get that in PvE (chance to get a drop). But it was also dumb that PvE players have more accessible to mediocre gear via high end Mythic plus.

    This is where Valor points come in. It doesn't fix everything but it evens out the gearing between a non raiding pve player and pvp only player. You will now be able to upgrade Mythic Keystone gear. Valor points will essentially be PvE Conquest gear. Depending on your highest mythic plus achievement in this current season will dictate how high you can upgrade it.

    The framework for a system that attempts to address these goals should be present in this first PTR update, subject to ongoing tuning and refinement. Gear from Mythic Keystone Dungeons is now upgradeable, initially with a cap of item level 200, which players can raise to item level 207 by completing all eight Shadowlands dungeons at Mythic 5 or higher. This will award a new “Keystone Explorer” achievement, while the existing “Keystone Conqueror” achievement (for all +10s or higher) will increase the cap to item level 213, and then to item level 220 by completing the “Keystone Master” achievement for all +15s in time. The currency used to upgrade Mythic Keystone gear is Valor, which is earned from completing Mythic Keystone dungeons, or by doing covenant Callings, with a weekly cap. Upgrade costs will vary by item slot and will be consistent across all item levels.
    To me this is a great chance but it doesn't fix the issue i stated above. Right now 42 guilds in the US have cleared 10/10 Mythic Castle Nathria. 20 people per raid that is 840 people who had a chance at a 233 weapon so far. To compare this to PvP where you get to choose a 233 weapon at 2400 rating in any bracket...there are over 1,000 people with 2400 in RBG's alone. This doesn't include the more popular 3s and even 2s. Is the end game of WoW now 2400 rating or is it this gigantic raid that is built up to via quests/lore, cinematics, etc? Seems a bit skewed in my opinion.

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