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    OwnedCore Report #132 - New CoreRewards + WoW Stuff

    A new addition to Core Rewards and World First Mythic raiding are among us. Speaking of Among us it won multiplayer game of the year. Not sure how everybody thinks of that since it's a game from 2018 that just happened to gain traction in the last quarter of 2020 but either way lets get right into it.

    Spoilers Ahead

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    The team behind Eldorado started trading almost 10 years ago. Since then we have bought and sold billions in in-game gold and millions of items in RuneScape, Path of Exile, World of Warcraft, Rocket League, CS:GO, and more. As buyers, sellers and gamers, we have seen it all, from honest-to-goodness dealers to scam victims with zero customer support. Harnessing years of experience and love for the market, and with a strong belief that together we can revolutionise in-game trading, we set out to build what Eldorado is today — a secure, easy-to-use marketplace with sterling support that empowers both sides of the trading community.

    Eldorado Deals

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    More CoreRewards

    The newest addition to OwnedCore, CoreRewards, is getting some new rewards. Haven't heard of CoreRewards? (CoreRewards)Check out our latest Report where we go over what they are, how you can use them, and the cool prizes that await. We have been getting a lot of feedback on the original thread introducing CoreRewards and we don't say this lightly, keep it coming. The more feedback the better. We take it all very seriously. Whether it's a ui change, reward change, or anything under the sun we want to hear from you. This newest reward are avatar frames. Soon you will be able to unlock frames to customize your own avatars on OwnedCore. There is a sneak peak in the picture above. So not only can you unlock animated avatars now but you can unlock frames to go around them. Hopefully this is something people enjoy! Let us know.


    We are now two weeks into Blizzards newest addition to World of Warcraft, Shadowlands. It seems like many people are enjoying it and a lot of new faces have come back to check out what all the hype is for. Here's a breakdown of some Shadowlands related news/stuff.

    • It is now the fastest selling PC game of all-time.

    - This is an interesting statistic but is true nonetheless. Times like this I wish we could see the sub numbers but I can only imagine they are through the roof. With a lot of people getting burnt on Classic and giving it a try, with covid lockdowns, and competing as a paid game in a market full of free to plays this was the perfect storm to break that record. Does Shadowlands deserve that title? Only you can answer that!

    • World First Mythic Raid

    - Limit, Big Dumb Guild, and whoever the former Method players play for now will all be racing for the prestigious World First Mythic Castle Nathria title tomorrow. It seems there will be more coverage of this than ever with Complexity now owning Limit, Golden Guardians now owning Big Dumb Guild, and newly formed OTK by Asmongold doing their own coverage. This race is always one of the more fun esport-esque events in World of Warcraft especially compared to Arena and Mythic +. Not to mention the raid seems pretty hard. Many guilds have not even got AOTC yet when that is usually a given for any serious Cutting Edge raiding guild. You can credit that to the gear disparity in the first patch but also the raid is just simply hard.

    • Somebody solod a mythic 0 already

    - I'm no Paladin but this seems insane. He even does it without a weapon. The crazy things players are able to figure out never seize to amaze me.

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