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    OwnedCore Report #128 - Battle of the Preheat's >Sponsored by Eldorado<

    This week in WoW news we have the interesting situation, that has now been resolved, between Preheat (World First Mythic Raider for Limit) and Preheet (Youtube Content creator for Fire Mage). How much does your name matter when you reach a certain threshold of success? More information down below.

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    • Preheat vs Preheet

    This is an interesting story that recently emerged between Limit's Officer mage player Preheat and a Youtube content creator Preheet. As you can see both names are quite similar and if searching for one or the other it could probably end up with you watching the wrong one. Both make content on Youtube mostly surrounding mage gameplay so to differentiate would be quite difficult for a newer player to the class. About a month ago Preheat sent a cease and desist order to Preheet. This means Preheat is "essentially threatening to pursue legal action against me if I do not either change my name/brand, or stop creating content online with my current name." This comes after years of their names being mixed up when looking for one another. Preheet during end of Legion and BFA has had his Youtube channel grow over double in size and has become a great starting point for a lot of newer fire mages. The bigger he got the harder it was for Limit's World First raider Preheat to also get his piece of the Youtube content pie. The mixup between the two only got worse as both their audience size grew. Preheet states he started receiving a lot of harassment because people think he stole Preheat's name and is making it difficult for Preheat to co-exist with him on Youtube. Preheet even goes as far as reaching out to Preheat about the situation back in 2018 stating "I never intended to copy you or anything like that. Hope there's no hard feelings."

    Preheat responds with "Just to be clear, I don't have anything against you. I just wish you would have chosen a different name. It's selfish but that's how I feel. This rivalry continues and Youtube comments get worse over time for both parties involved and that is how we got to the point of a cease and desist. Now there is no way Preheet is at any sort of fault here because Preheat isn't trademarked. You can quite literally find that word on a lot of food items in the grocery store. So to send a cease and desist seems to be quite an interesting move. It seems Preheat was taking this rivalry a lot more personal because he felt, as the top tier mage, he deserved to be recognized for the name and nobody else.

    Now one has to assume being a world first raider Preheat probably gets asked relentlessly about the other Preheet. It must be annoying, people and fans can be toxic, it's not the most ideal situation when you're trying to grow your own brand. With all that being said I think Preheat could've simply outgrown Preheet to such a large margin that it might have dwarfed the rival name user naturally. Limit is now backed by NA gaming powerhouse Complexity who recently got backed by the ownership of the Dallas Cowboys (One of the richest sport organizations in the entire world). They have the resources to make Limit, NA's only competitive world first guild at the moment, into something big. Preheat being an officer but also one of it's more popular members already would have been first to reap the benefits of Complexity Limit's growth and in turn Preheet would probably fade into the distance. Instead he let his bottled up emotions on the guy turn into a cease and desist which has everybody on the internet mad at him. Preheet is winning because they now feel bad for him. Not to mention, as Asmongold said on stream about the situation, it's hard to get mad at somebody for using a similar name to you if you're name isn't unique but rather a word that is literally in the dictionary. The result of all this? Preheat is now demoted from his officer rank and his twitter responses are similar to that of somebody getting cancelled. Limit didn't want to go down the same path as Method by not taking swift action upon the accused.

    What are all you're thoughts on this situation? I'll link some more stuff below if you want to dive deeper but I wanted to keep this version to a summary.

    Twitlonger by Preheet with tons of links and explanation of the situation

    Preheat demoted tweet

    Limit's response

    Preheats explanation

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