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    OwnedCore Report #110 - Shadowlands >Sponsored by Eldorado<

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    Shadowlands Alpha has come out with that a ton of news, updates, and things to flat out get hyped over. I will try to breakdown everything we know up to this point right here.

    The interview with Slootbag

    This as where I started to gather my information personally. Slootbag is not only a caster for the Mythic + Invitational but he is a proven high end raider in recent expansions. When I saw he was going to have a chance to virtually sit down with Ion Hazzikostas I knew we would get some answers to questions we might not ever have before. This summary is also from WoWHead.

    [list]The plan with the "AoE Cap" is to make a distinction between "cleave" and "AoE".

    [list]No plans for Master Looter, or Gear Swapping in Dungeons

    My opinion is that this is stupid and ML should be an option. If you are in a corrupt guild who uses ML find a guild that uses PL. Give us options don't force us down a path.

    [list]Swapping Covenants is a hot topic and they want there to be a meaningful choice there. However, if all else fails, they can give up and let players swap when they want but they want to try to save the system before throwing it out.

    My opinion is similar to what Method Josh said no Twitter recently.

    Honestly think covenants being unswappable is kinda cool and good. The same people wanting it to be swappable will complain that it's "mandatory" to swap every 2 secs for a 0.1% dps gain. Make it permanent, gives character more identity and let just let the nerds level four chars. Sacrificing cool RPG elements for better "balance" on your spreadsheet simulator is lame.

    • No Titanforging/Warforging. However, less loot will drop.

      My opinion
      is that less loot is better. Every aspect of the game shouldn't be a loot pinata. After playing Classic one positive takeaway I have noticed is less loot makes the pieces you get feel more valuable.

    • Gear swapping in dungeons is not planned to return

    • Tier sets are looking like a comeback is in store. The art team wan'ts to do tier sets again. They 100% won't be there for launch but will be there later in the expansion.

    • Alt unfriendliness is being worked on. Without an AP system it should almost fix itself.

    • On the topic of Classic: "The biggest reminder is to try to return to the social roots of World of Warcraft." To me its weird they say this but won't allow Master Loot.

    • PvE and PvP: "Having them into the same shared chest where you can choose the one you prefer, should reduce some of the pressure. Some amount of Cross Over is healthy. Someone who can excel in all aspects of the game should have a slight advantage."


    This expansion has some of the best visuals to date. We know WoW has some one of the best art teams out there but Shadowlands looks insane even for Blizzard's standards. Here are some pics of armor, world, and race customization additions.

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