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    OwnedCore Report #109 - Diablo 1 on Mobile? >Sponsored by Eldorado<

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    Diablo 1 on Mobile

    There has been a fan made port of Diablo 1 on Android. You can find it by searching DevilutionX. In this Reddit thread by MetelGames we learn that you "Must own a copy of the game to play" , the controls are a bit wonky but it's doable, and that outside of owning the game itself the app is free. Installing and playing seems to be quite the task but if your an old school Diablo fan who also likes mobile gaming it might be worth checking out.

    To install download the app here.

    Proceed to follow these instructions.

    • Take your DIABDAT.mpq and rename it to diabdat.mpq

    • Place the diabdat.mpq in the /sdcard/ directory of your phone.

    • Add permissions to read to application from file system

    • Launch the application and have fun.

    • The Game creates a file /sdcard/devilutionx/ and will move the MPQ to there.

    • You DON'T need ROOT

    • No one wanted to test so if you running to problems. please let me know and your phone type.

    100% Achievement Status achieved by WoW player

    The player known as Xirev on Vashj EU has officially obtained god status in World of Warcraft. 33,585 achievement points total. Apparently Xirev has done this before in Legion so this is actually his second time around being 100% done. Keep in mind this does mean that he is completely all current achievements and that feats of strength are not included. In an old WoWHead interview he states that he enjoys the small goals the most like completing a questing zone. He also states that the hardest achievement he achieved was the high rated PvP ones but outside of PvP it was Going to Need a Bigger Bag which means obtaining all the rare items on Timeless Isle.


    The FPS everybody is talking about, Valorant, was showcased a few days ago. All the big streamers from many FPS outlets got to show off on stream footage they had saved from their Valorant play tests. If you don't know Valorant is an FPS being made by Riot Games who most notably made League of Legends. From the looks of it the game seems like a mesh between CS:GO and Overwatch. The game mode is planting and defusing a bomb very similar to CS:GO and Search and Destroy in Call of Duty. Some other similar aspects to CS include the weapons, economy system, buy menu, and more. On the flip side there are heroes you choose to play just like Overwatch. These heroes have set abilities like smokes, mines, and ultimates. The one gripe people seemed to have with OW is the game was built around the spells and not raw aim where in Valorant it seems the spells are more utility rather than the defining aspects of your character.

    Overall this game could be what a lot of people want in a shooter. It has a casual friendly aspect to it but also a high skill ceiling like CS. If this game interests you there will be streamers playing it tomorrow the 7th where watching them gives you a chance to get into the game. Just make sure your Riot account is hooked up to your Twitch account!

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