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    OwnedCore Report #108 - TBC Classic is in the works! >Sponsored by Eldorado<

    Oh TBC how we have missed you. Welcome to the 108th OC Report! This week is all about TBC Servers coming to the Classic Saga of World of Warcraft and what that might mean for you.

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    According to a Reddit post there has been surveys going around regarding Burning Crusade servers being added to World of Warcraft. Now if you play WoW you know this was almost expected with how big of a hit Classic WoW has been. What most people didn't expect was how soon Blizzard would be getting on top of this with surveys but also the flexibility they seem to have on the future of TBC Classic. So here are the details of the survey in pictures

    The most important of these is obviously the third picture. In this picture they ask the user of their opinion on potential ways a player could start a character in "Classic" Burning Crusade.

    Option 1: Your Classic Server turns into a BC server just like it did back in the day

    Option 2: Keep your Classic character on the server it is and have it never progress to BC

    Option 3: Start a brand new character from 58 into BC

    Option 4:
    Start brand new character from level 1 into BC (Fresh)

    Option 5: None

    There has been a ton of discussion on these options because I think a lot of people just thought it would basically be option 1 no matter what. But once presented these other options many people have realized they like option 2, 3, or even 4. And the thing is nobody is wrong, there are tons ideal ways for people to head into BC. Lets talk about some pros and cons of these options.

    Option 1. The pros are its simple and pure. It's exactly how it was back in the day. If your Naxx geared it will also give you a huge edge because that gear can last you easily until 70. The downsides of this are gold and the min max gaming lifestyle. So gold is going to be a lot more common on many more players going into TBC. Having 1-5k will be something most people who stuck around until Naxx will have and many will have over 10k. Why does this matter? Well we know what's coming in TBC and you can power level your professions and get transmutes on all 9 character slots day 1. Now to some this isn't a big deal but to others it is. BC is very front loaded with grinding content. Once that grind is over though the raid logging and arena spamming begins. Profession leveling, dungeon both heroic and normal grinding, and more are part of the initial hump. With huge amounts of gold the economy is going to be very inflated, people will be skipping Heroic stages due to having profession gear (which for many classes is bis), and even epic flying mounts will be had on alts day 1 let alone mains. There are already people hoarding mats to instantly level jewel crafting to 375 day one. This is a turn off to some but to others an opportunity.

    Option 2:
    This is for the Classic purists. They exist clearly because the Classic private servers were the most popular for a reason. It would be downright wrong to force somebody who wants nothing but Classic to play anything but Classic.

    Option 3:
    Fresh but starting at 58. Fresh is something that a lot of people want. A new economy, a new grind, no head starts. The downside for some even on this side of the fence is the 1-60 grind. Very few people want to take a week or two to grind 1-60 again after they just got done playing Classic. In this case your new character would be level 58. Some people discussing this have mentioned that this would be a great idea if they limited it to 1 character per account and alts start at 1. This would prevent transmute level ready alts at a whim. To transmute in TBC you need to be 55.

    Option 4: True Fresh. This is a server where its all brand new and you cannot transfer to it with a Classic character. I could easily see this being something people want especially if they didn't dabble with Classic at all so the 1-60 grind hasn't happened for them yet. Downside to this is leaving all your hard work behind in Classic and having to do Classic leveling content for minimum 4-5 days played just to get into BC.

    Regardless of which option you are for some common ground has been found. One thing Blizzard should absolutely do is allow character copies. This means that if you want to bring your character into BC you don't have to take him out of Classic but instead you clone him that way you can play your character through BC but also raid Naxx again on a Classic server on the same toon on another server. There hasn't been any downside to this that I have personally seen except Blizzard might be too greedy to do it. And we here as Blizzard fans know that is something we can never rule out.

    What option would you choose and why?

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