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    OwnedCore Report #105 - BWL Was a Joke- A Discussion >Sponsored by BoostBay<

    Welcome to Report #105! This week we have some fun things to talk about such as BWL finally being released in Classic, a cool Minecraft Illidan Stormrage project, and more.

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    Gaming News

    To start things off right we have this awesome Illidan Stormrage model made in Minecraft by Arang Choi. It's a short video but even with that being said you can really see how much work went into creating such a massive piece in Minecraft.

    Also this week was BWL in Classic. Like many predicted it would be a breeze for any guild that came prepared so all that was left to do was speed run it and become World First..? The go to favorite was the guild that did MC first week 1 known as Apes. The video above is there clear. But a bunch of other guilds came out swinging in this race. Calamity of EU, Progress of EU, and a few more gave APES a run for their money. After seeing each boss get absolutely decimated without second thought by these raiders we came out with a winner. Out of the shadows was Calamity of Mograine EU. Now there was some speculation if their run was best or not and this is where it gets kinda subjective. Technically they killed Nefarian first and that means World First but Apes weren't able to enter the instance until about 7 minutes later than them and cleared it the fastest by over 7 minutes. I think its still fair to say Calamity won but Apes did it better? Either way its a Classic WoW race so 15 year old content being mowed down like this might not be worthy of any reward according to some.

    So what is next for Classic WoW? ZG technically and most likely sooner than we expect. Like Dire Maul ZG is kind of a catch up mechanic raid besides a few BIS pieces being in there from Rep/Rewards and therefore we might see it sooner than later. Some notable figures of the Classic WoW community such as Northishere, Staysafe, and others mention that ZG is one of the most fun patches in Classic WoW and that it is a turning point in the game. With BWL being so easy for most guilds we can only ask ourselves how long Blizzard will keep everybody in this patch farming the same content. Is this just an issue with Classic? No matter the content it will be on farm within week 1-2? Some say not AQ and Naxx but with how much more tuned down retail Classic is vs Private servers it is hard to really say what is what anymore. All in all Classic might start pushing content faster and my personal theory is we see a TBC announcement this Blizzcon and get Naxx early 2021 or very late 2020 with TBC coming out late summer/early fall of 2021. You heard it here first!

    Clips of the Week

    IRL Super Hero

    A call out to Nintendo over their stance on eSports

    How to cure the virus

    Shots at Blizzard during award show

    When you take D&D too far

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