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    OwnedCore Report #90 - WoW Classic Full Steam Ahead >Sponsored by BlazingBoost<

    Welcome to OwnedCore's 90th Report. Last week we didn't have one due myself being swamped but have no fear content is here. This week well go over everything we didn't talk about with Classic WoW

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    WoW Classic

    So what has happened since the last Report in WoW Classic? Quite a lot actually.

    • 10 Man Raid XP was nerfed.

    This was a thing during the first week of Classic's launch and if you were playing you know exactly what happened. Essentially once you hit 30 and were able to do SM 5 man dungeons went out the window and 10 man raid groups became the new meta. Due to their insane clear speed especially in melee cleave and mage groups these 10 man raid groups were pulling well over 50-60k XP per hour in the 30s and beyond. This lasted pretty much all of week one and then Blizzard came to us with a blue post stating that the XP in 10 man groups was not scaled properly and they nerfed it. This came with a mixed bag of responses in the Classic WoW community. It was great to see this new meta kind of leave but so many people hit 50-60 abusing it that the lower level people feel like it just created an even larger gap that layer abusing already created. More on that below.

    • World First Onyxia and Ragnaros

    The popular private server guild Apes from EU got the world first Ragnaros and Onyxia kill before week 1's reset. This was insane but for many, expected. People who have played private servers, even with the scaling being off, knew how undertuned MC, Ragnaros, and Onyxia really were. Apes proved that point even more so by 1 shotting Rag with a 40 man raid which included quite a few non 60's and far from pre-raid BIS gear. Here is a video clip of their kill

    A member of Apes on stream said expect every raid to be cleared day 1 of release from here on out by many guilds. I can't help but wonder how long it would have taken for a full Naxx clear if it was all available from the start. 2 weeks? A month? What do you think?

    • Another World First was JokerD hitting 60

    The EU Mage JokerD flew past many of the top hunters on the world first 60 race with his layer hopping mage aoe grind strategy. Accumulating over 300k viewers on Twitch during his final stretch JokerD became the first 60 in the world on Classic WoW's relaunch. He did so in just over 5 days. This layer hopping aoe grinding was already a well known strategy for speed runners going into Classic WoW but once JokerD did it in front of that many people every single mage was no longer doing dungeons but rather aoe grinding and spamming guilds for layer invites. He opened Pandora's Box to the public.

    • Realm Transfers

    The days of Queue craft have finally simmered down ever since Blizzard allowed more people in at a time and of course the week one drop off. But it clearly was not enough because Blizzard added FREE realm transfers for select high pop realms to specific new realms they just added. Curious if your realm is on the list? I'll post pics of all available right here.

    One can only wonder what the future holds as far as realm transfers in Classic WoW both paid and free.

    • Free BFA for hitting 60?

    Keep in mind this has since been deleted but could easily be something that was planned but promoted to early. The World of Warcraft Brazilian Facebook page posted this

    Which basically translates to you get BFA for free if you hit 60 in Classic WoW which also comes with a 110 boost. This post has since been deleted but I would put money on it being a real thing very soon.

    • Layer Cooldown

    Layering. The thing used to farm tons of rare herbs, chests, and level insanely fast. Or for some people just used to get out of a layer where your being camped by the opposite faction. Layering exists in Classic WoW for population control. Blizzard sees it as a way to not have to add too many servers that way when the inevitably drop off occurs there are not a bunch of dead realms and possible realm mergers necessary. Layering was promised to only exist in Phase 1 and people have been using it to its full potential. Like mentioned before the first level 60 JokerD was using it exclusively to respawn mobs to AOE farm. Without it, he definitely would not be the world first 60. Others have used it to farm rare herbs, chest spawns week 1, etc. But now that is has gotten to the point of major abuse Blizzard has added a cooldown to layering.

    Now, each time a player moves to a new layer, there will be an increasing amount of time before that player can move to another layer. If a player moves between layers multiple times over a short timeframe, the cooldown can increase to a duration of several minutes (or longer) before they can change layers again. The cooldown will then decrease over time for players who don’t change layers.
    Overall I think this is a great move. If you add too much of a CD you can end up not being able to play with friends when they get on because your on a "layer cooldown" but a cooldown nonetheless is necessary.

    • World first Eye of Sulfuras and Bindings

    World first Eye of Sulfuras belongs to Venture-Flamelash EU and the world first bindings to go "Yang Gang"

    Clips of the Week

    Dont ask chat for a crosshair config

    Epic moment in ZF

    World first 60

    Greatest game ever

    OwnedCore Report #90 - WoW Classic Full Steam Ahead &gt;Sponsored by BlazingBoost&lt;

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