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    OwnedCore Report #85 - Method Wins Again >Sponsored by Eldorado

    Number 85. Pretty insane to think it's coming on two years of this format. This week has some cool news including the Race for World First concluding, the biggest individual eSport prize pool has been won, and more. We still want to hear back from people on the chat upgrade on OC so definitely head over to the OC News section and drop your opinion on what we can make better!

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    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    Fortnite World Cup

    We all know eSports has grown ten-fold over the last couple years and even more so if you go all the way back to some of the original Counter-Strike tournaments and Quake. This past weekend the biggest prize pool in eSports history has been played for in New York City. Fortnite, a game you might have heard of, has had open qualifiers for months to get the best of the best players in one stadium battling it out for $30,000,000. This is bigger than any Dota 2 crowd-funded prize pool ever and solidifying itself as the biggest eSport prize pool of all time. On Saturday it was all about the duos. 50 teams of 2 played 6 matches together in which points were awarded through placement and kills. Most points at the end of 6 games wins. A pair known as Aqua, from Austria, and Nyhrox, from Norway, who weren't really expected to win came out on top splitting $3,000,000 together. Obviously afterwords their social medias including Twitter, Twitch, and more all blew up increasing follower counts and making some old tweets/posts go viral.

    On Sunday it was time for the solo players who qualified to take their turn. Some actually were in both the duos and the solo which gave them the opportunity to really make some insane money. In this tournament were a ton of Twitch favorites such as Liquid Vivid and Tfue formerly of Faze Clan. These were the front runners at least for NA to win it all. Tfue qualified multiple times with his stream on and over 100k watching with no delay. The guy was looked at to be the G.O.A.T of Fortnite. Turns out the crowd of 67,000 and versing players with different playstyles from other countries can cause even the best to go down. Tfue notably only got 7 total points after 6 games which is very low. On top was a player named Bugha, a player from Pennsylvania in the USA. He won with a total of 59 points almost doubling second place and taking home $3,000,000 all to himself. Bugha is only 16 years of age.

    Just for qualifying to this World Cup you got $50,000 which is pretty insane. I know Fortnite isn't the standard game with how insanely popular it is globally so they can front this kind of money even as a marketing expense but it will be very interesting to see how other games prize pools react in the near future. Games like CS:GO who still hold the Twitch record for the most viewers on a single stream only have prize pools of $1,000,000 at Majors and the winning team gets $500,000 of that to split between 5 players, a coach, and an organization. Some people say that bigger prize pools in a single tournament actually hurts a scene because it makes all other tournaments very bad to watch because the teams don't try. The Dota 2 TI is an example of this. Throughout the rest of the year Dota 2 has Majors with prize pools nowhere near the crowd-funded TI and teams who place 10th at the TI can make more than the #1 team at some of these other tournaments. Therefore teams tend to come in sloppy or not attend at all. Either way eSports is growing rapidly and there is no stopping it at this point. I can't wait to see where it is 5 years from now.

    Method Wins

    After 13 days and over 350 pulls Method reclaims the throne as the #1 guild in the world by taking down Mythic Azshara first. This was actually closer than expected as the boss was thought to be unkillable until Blizzard threw in two hotfixes. Due to this a lot of guilds caught up including Pieces the reigning #1 guild from the last 2 man raid. NA's hopeful Limit was also looking great and competing very closely with Method and even stayed up late last night trying to finish the boss knowing if they went to bed Method would probably kill it by the time they woke up which was exactly what happened. Limit could not kill it in time, went to bed, and settled for 2nd place. Overall this race was insane to watch and I wonder if WoW will ever change how the bosses are released across regions to even the playing field on time. Some people suggest tournament realms but others say tournament realms for things like Arena kill arena participation in the regular servers and would probably do so in WoW with Mythic Raiding tournament realms.

    Here are clips of each kill.



    Clips of the Week

    16 year old wins World Cup Fortnite

    World first kill by Method

    Squad Goals

    Shaking my head

    Shade thrown at Valve

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