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    OwnedCore Report #78 - One Last Ride to GM Island >Sponsored by Eldorado<

    Greetings OC and welcome to the 78th Report. This week had a ton of interesting news including some early E3 trailers, a new Overwatch possibly coming, a scrapped Starcraft themed FPS, and GM Island going away forever. At the end we will have clips of the week and also community highlights! I will do a more in depth E3 breakdown next week with something along the lines of a top 10 announcements.

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    This OwnedCore Report is Sponsored by Eldorado

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    Gaming News from Around the Globe

    One Last Ride to GM Island

    As many of you probably know by now GM Island is going to be taken out of the game forever come 8.2. This has been a staple in WoW exploration since the game came out. With such an iconic area disappearing there was only one thing left to do for some WoW players and that was to go on one last ride, or trip, to the sacred GM Island. A post by our very own Dovah shared one groups last ride to GM Island which I will share below. Also keep in mind GM Island will not be in Classic WoW either so this really is it for the zone.

    There are more images and even a video in Dovah's post

    Reddit user feangren, showed that his trial account that he did this event on did get banned and people on non trials got 3-4 day bans for this event.

    How do you get to GM Island? Well it was not shared in this Reddit post and a lot of the people there were summoned but no worries. OwnedCore user Madorisiath, an elite explorer, shared with us how to get to GM Island right now in 8.1.5. Just click here

    If you do make the trip please share some of your photos in the replies! May GM Island live on forever.

    Starcraft 2 FPS cancelled

    According to Jason Schreier's article on Kotaku Blizzard just recently scrapped a Starcraft themed FPS that played similar to Battlefield. The prototype was Terran marines vs Zerg aliens and plans were being made to make the Zergs playable. Project Ares, its code name, was being led by former Heroes of the Storm and SC2 lead, Dustin Browder. Why was this scrapped? Well it seems like the developers from this project are now being moved to Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 which are apparently going to be Blizzcon 2019's big announcements. Yes you heard that right Overwatch 2. So what will Overwatch 2 have that Overwatch 1 doesn't already?

    Apparently Overwatch 2 is going to be insanely PvE focused and according to the Kotaku article Blizzard people have compared it to Left 4 Dead. This makes sense because the PvE events, as limited as they are, have been super successful for Overwatch and apparently it was super hard to get them to work on that engine. Also this is probably going to be huge for the new gen consoles so the timing is probably not coincidence even though they are not out yet.

    Luckily this Starcraft shooter was not as hype and marketed as complete as Ghost was so this one doesn't sting as bad but I do wish more Starcraft themed games come from Blizzard in the future.

    A small taste of what has been announced at E3 so far

    Above is the trailer for Elden Ring which is a From Software game in a world that was made alongside George R. R. Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones. This was leaked a little over a week ago and we talked about it in the 76th Report. Glad to see it came true as this looks pretty cool from the little there is.

    Also we got Pokemon Direct which is Nintendo's new flagship Pokemon game. This is going to be a take on the original Pokemon. Some things to note are the improved gym battle system, group content up to 4 players, and a more open world feel.

    Cyberpunk 2077 is probably one of the most anticipated games coming. It's release date is April 16, 2020. The Designer Mike Pondsmith alongside the developers at CD Projekt and CD Projekt Red are destined for greatness with this one. Not only that but if your into collectors editions this one had its leaked

    Some notable things inside are:

    • Map of Night City

    • World Compendium

    • Soundtrack and art book

    • Sourcebook

    • Samurai Medallion if you buy it at Gamestop

    Community Highlights

    Madorisiath's guide to GM Island in 8.1.5

    Found HERE

    Get your own boat by Allifeur

    Found HERE

    A gold guide by advanta

    Found HERE

    Last GM Island raid by Dovah

    Found HERE

    Exploration video by Hellfireous

    Found HERE

    Clips of the Week

    Wholesome Keanu Reeves at E3

    200 IQ CS:GO Play by a pro

    Authentic Classic experience for streamers

    A true gamer

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